Nisha Rawal of Lock Up confesses on the same day that she kissed another man while marrying Karan Mehra | Internet series

Actress and lock-up contestant Nisha Rawal has revealed on the show that she kissed someone else while she was married to her ex-husband Karan Mehra. On the reality show, actress Kangana Ranaut has been asked to reveal her secret after the buzzer hit. She said she was attracted to another man in 2015 after a miscarriage in 2014 and looked to him for support. (Read more | Lock up Nisha Rawal says her husband Karan Mehra admitted to an affair but told her he loves her too)

Nisha says, “I got married to my ex-husband (Karan Mehra) in 2012 and in 2014 I had a miscarriage. I was talking about this. The baby was five months old when I had the miscarriage. Many people know that I was in a bad relationship physically and mentally. “

She added, “After the miscarriage, it was a shock. As a woman, there was a lot going on in my body and mind. Since then, there have been many abuses in my life. No one. Share, because it’s not easy to come out because my ex-husband and I are a public figure. You think you’re valued by the community. There was a lack of support. I was very depressed. ”

“It simply came to our notice then. In 2015, at my cousin’s music festival, a big incident happened and I was completely devastated. I wanted to get treatment to talk to someone. There was a fear that judgment would come if he talked to friends. At that time we were also moving to a new home. There I met an old friend. We got together after a long day. I told him about a lot of things except the abusive past. My ex-husband knew every time I met him. But I think I got closer to him, ”she continued.

Nisha added, “I was very impressed with him because it was natural to not have a lot of support and to be inspired. I got a lot of emotional support from him. There was a moment when I kissed that person. I confessed to my ex-husband that day. I also told him ‘our relationship is not in good condition’. .We already talked about separation, and after that incident I said, ‘I have no desire in relationships, we have to walk our own path. It was hard for me to say that, but it was. But the big secret is that I was attracted to another man in 2015 when I was getting married. ” Nisha and Karan, who split last year, have a son, Kavish Mehra.

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