New Father Aparshakti Khurana: Plan To Give My Full Time To Arzoi In His First Lohri | Bollywood

Lohri is even more special this year for actor Aparshakti Khurana as it is his first film with his daughter Arsoi. The actor plans to spend the rest of the day with him and he also plans to eat ‘Rivaris, Fullas and The Moongfali’.

“This is Arzo’s first Lohri, and we (Akriti Ahuja, wife and I) wanted our family and close friends to attend the celebration. But that is not possible as cases are on the rise. We will be there now, but I’m still looking forward to it, because it’s my little boy’s first, “the Quran tells us.

Walking down the path of remembrance, he recalled his memories associated with the festival, “I have many fond childhood memories associated with Lohri and the pulse of this festival. Songs, dances, family gatherings are always something I enjoy ”.

“Mamma makes us sing Dil Sarhe Bab Sarhe Babian De Bab Jatiyan. I can not wait until Arzoi grows up and sings the same thing in front of the sacred fire in the mouth full of popcorn and rivaris, ”he says.

The Helmet The star continues, “Arsoy is too young to know about this festival right now, but I plan to give my whole time for her, and even plan to have her ‘Rivaris, Fullas and Moongfali’! Even if it destroys my calorie count for the day”.

The family planned to celebrate the festival in Quran’s hometown of Chandigarh. However, as the Quran notes, they will now be celebrating it in Mumbai, saying, “We want everyone around us to be safe and healthy, so we changed our plans a little and thought of holding a closer Lohri celebration.”

“Truth be told, getting caught up in an epidemic is not entirely a pleasant feeling, but we should be conscious citizens and do everything we can to get out of it instead of regretting it,” says the 34-year-old.

According to the Quran, the harvest festival is a time of prosperity, warmth and, most importantly, health – all of which are important in the age of epidemics.

“These things are very important because this year we must not only pray, but do something serious for our own health and the health of others.

“I want this 2022 to be a year without Govt, and I hope we can finally go back to the old normalcy as we study the new lessons this Govt era has taught us,” he concludes in a confident note.


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