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How cool is Raveena Tandon as a wife, mother, daughter, well-known actor?

Speaking to Sonal Kalra, Managing Editor (Entertainment & Lifestyle) of Hindustan Times, during the Tension Not Twitter space session, he revealed the secrets and much more.

The actor said it was his family and friends who kept him tense. “In India, we turn to our families and friends. Sometimes, when we are not close to family, we approach friends. It is important to have a stable, stable environment in your home or among your friends. You need to approach someone to bring you out of your stress,” he said. Agreed.

When everything is over, Tandon goes into a jungle for something. “It simply came to our notice then. Agar Mujhe Mumbai May Kutan Hoti Hai, Do Main Kisi Jungle May Bagh Jati Hoon, and come back completely refreshed, recharge and get ready to kick again, ”the actor laughed.

As thousands tuned in, fans could not control their excitement at keeping Tandon a plate away and wanted to ask him a variety of questions. Areas:

ங்க Aranganathan 72: Why not think about coming to politics?

Raveena: Never say never. There was one thing I was seriously thinking about. I have been offered seats in India-West Bengal, Punjab and Mumbai, but unfortunately I had to say no at that time because I was not ready to a certain extent. I am not really inspired by any political party to the extent that I have an ideology that I can blindly follow. I disagree on many things and sometimes I am scared by these differences of opinion that I may not be able to pull the line. If I don’t pull the line, I’ll be quiet, not in a bad way. But if I feel that I am ready to bear the burden of everything, to really go there to make a difference, I can say yes. I do not want to say no now and then eat my words.

Because the directors say everything is out of control, you’ll like the directors. Why not become a director yourself?

Raveena: Yes, there are times when you think you’re been around a long time. My father was a filmmaker, I grew up in this field and everyone would tell us that we are a very non-film family even though it is cinema. We were set aside from everything. My father taught me that a director is the captain of a ship. As an actor you signed up for his vision. There are a number of times when actors are responsible for many things that were the job of the director that should have been edited or re-dubbed. For me, respect for the director is important. I say my opinion, but if the director says what it is, I leave it at that and respect their point of view.

Being a director is like having a baby, until the delivery, i.e. until the release, you are involved 24/7. For me, I have never been so focused with only one direction with a clear mind. Some day, I will do most of the time, but it’s just in time.

DNeurosx: Being a men-centric community including Bollywood, what are some experiences you have to face?

Raveena: To a certain extent, women have to work a little harder in the profession they choose, to prove that they are better than their men if they are not good. While everyone faces challenges, it is true that men also face challenges. They have a little easier way. In my show ஆரண்யக், We show that my character was interested in her work, but the responsibility of looking after the family comes only to her. Why? Something must definitely change, but slowly. I thank you for my diligence, I will not shy away from my achievements, but my family supported me, my laws took care of the children when I was out, my husband gave a hand … the rest of the family has too. Women need to be allowed to achieve their dreams.

mmininniii: What was your reaction when you saw the bomb used by the Indian Army during the Kargil war that read ‘From Raveena Tandon’?

Raveena: I saw it then for a long time. However, if you can talk about anything with love and talk, I advise the whole world to do it. Koon Ka Rang Lal Other Pee Hai Aur Other Pee. No mother should be proud of the loss of her sons or daughter … If I had to stand there [defending the border] To defend my country, De To Mere Haat Mein Banduk, Main Wahan Khadi Ho Jawungi.

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