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Surya Sharma, a young actor seen in the OTT series Hostages and Yeh Kali Kali Aankhein, insists that the struggle for actors will never end and that they must continue to work hard even if they are big in the industry.

Saw in the OTT series Hostages And Yeh Kali Kali AnkainYoung actor Surya Sharma insists that the struggle for actors will never end and that they must continue to work hard without becoming adults in the industry.

“There are only such activities in the industry and you have to constantly prove your skill, it’s like Kai Aaye, Kai Kaye. To stay here, you must be on a journey to renew yourself. This is a difficult place and one has to learn the craft well before going on a ship, ”says Sharma.

The Vire de married The actor hopes to do the job of getting him out of his comfort zone. “No character is big or small, no matter what its length, it will take a perfect role to change the game for you. I think there were some important lessons that we as students learned during my acting lesson that made me think and act as an actor.”

Speaking about his previous work, Sharma said, “It was during the hostages (2019) that I got the role of Ring Adwal in the ODT series. உண்டேகி (2020) At the beginning the group even realized that the Do Ye character Mujh Se Ho Nai Ba Raha Tha, I can not carry this strong-headed boy. But a week later, I was on the run, the result is in front of us! That character definitely set me apart and gave me that perfect 360 degree turn I was eagerly awaiting.

Sharma is happy to have fulfilled her father’s dream of wanting to try in the creative field. “I would not have been in this field without my parents, especially my dad. So, I always have to work hard to reach the peak of that success. The following will definitely help me in terms of plans. During season two I will watch a movie I recently finished உண்டேகி Is ready to surprise the audience again, “he signed.

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