Naseeruddin Shah claims to be suffering from onomatomania. Here is what it means | Bollywood

Actor Naseeruddin Shah talks about suffering from onychomycosis. This means here.

Naseeruddin Shah said in an interview that he suffers from onomatomania. In it, a person keeps fitting a particular word or phrase. Nasir said he would not let himself sleep even if he tried. Nasir is one of the most respected and loved actors from Hindi cinema and has worked in films like Mohra, Sarbarosh, A Budhan and many more. (Read more: Fans love Naseeruddin Shah’s ‘Einstein look’, he posed with Pankaj Kapoor, Ratna and Supriya in ‘Talented Law’)

When actor Salchitra talks about her health with a YouTube channel called Docs. “I am suffering from onomatomania. I’m not kidding. This is a medical condition. Look it up in the dictionary, ”he said.

Nasir explained what that condition was. “Onomatomania is a disease in which you keep repeating a word or phrase, a sentence or a verse or a speech for no reason other than what you want to hear. I do it all the time, so I’m not asleep. Let me go through some of the passages I like.

Nasir also talked about his wife, actor Ratna Pathak Shah and their different reading lists. He said the two often recommend books, but rarely pick it up. He is proud to have introduced her to cricket and they both love Tin Tin Comics.

The couple recently attended the wedding of Ratna’s sister Supriya Pathak and husband Pankaj Kapoor’s daughter Sana Kapoor. They posed for a photo with Supriya and Pankaj, which went viral on social media.

Nasir last starred in Shakun Bhadra’s Kehriyan. The film stars Deepika Padukone as the father to the character. He was also seen on the web series Kaun Paneka Shikarvati, in which he played the king in debt, who cheated on his daughters and decided to get out of trouble. The show stars Laura Dutta, Soha Ali Khan and many more.

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