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The myth series, directed by Rohan Sippy, streaming on Zee5, should have been a movie. It must have been a tight little naughty 90 minute mystery. Instead, Mitya’s almost extended to 180 minutes, adapted from the 2019 British mini-series Mitya, the 2019 British mini-series, by screenwriters Anvita Dutt and Altia Kaushal.

One of the ways to create a mystery is to try different tricks to obscure the obvious facts. If badly written, this tactic can create a swelling because minimally intelligent viewer writers can find that they are wasting time, often sticking to contract-bound running time.

This is what Mitya made me realize.

Set in Darjeeling, it also starred Paramprada Chatterjee, a hill station mystery like Netflix’s Aranyak. Aranyak’s mission was large, combining local mythology, murder mystery, politicians, the drug trade, domestic drama and numerous characters.

Mitya, by comparison, is very compact. There is a Hindi professor Juhi (Huma Qureshi) who has a chip on his shoulder. She is the daughter of famous writer Anand (Rajit Kapoor). Therefore, she feels the need to prove that her achievements have nothing to do with descent. Riya (Avantika Dasani), the daughter of a powerful businessman (Samir Soni) who is the trustee of the college where Juhi teaches, is no different from her student.

In a different screenplay, Juhi and Riya may have been attracted to each other.

Juhi has been trying to be a mother with her husband Neil (Paramprata) for some time. The love in their relationship broke down. Juhi probably wants to escape, and she finds it in her relationship with a colleague. Ria needs someone to take care of her mother who died while she was a child.

But at the beginning of episode one the problem starts when Riya writes a well written article for her work, but Juhi suspects that Riya stole it. Why? Juhi has no answer. Speaking is only her intuition. This is also one of the many bizarre writing results in the script. Maybe, Juhi has an ax to grind with Rhea? Maybe, Juhi doesn’t like her boots and soccer? Maybe, he hates zoomers like Millennials and our editors? Who knows?

Myth Review: Avantika Dasani A Still.
Myth Review: Avantika Dasani A Still.

Anyway, Rhea, a serious and turbulent young woman, will not let Juhi’s blame for her revenge. She pulls both Neil and Juhi’s parents into a whirlpool and sets out to destroy her life. A murder will surely happen. There is an investigation. There are a couple cops. The senior policeman is not well at work. His partner, a young woman, is very sensible. Troops by all means, nothing new here.

The sad part about the myth is that it had a lot of interesting themes to work with: the teacher-student relationship, the parent-child relationship, the betrayal. The truth is that there is not enough writing to say anything substantial about these themes. The bright spots are minimal. In the meantime, there is a pulp mystery for you to take care of. This is a tall order.

Oyster’s movement is very, very bad here, his worst movement since his directorial debut Kuch Na Kaho (2003). Oyster has the power to run brilliant things like Bluffmaster! Or Dum Maro Dum. Anything with emotional attraction will drag him down. There are some tough creative choices that Oyster makes, for example, the black-and-white bits with Juhi and Rhea, both dressed in white, standing across a section of the prison at the beginning of each episode. They verbally speak indecent things about truth, falsehood, responsibility, justice, and creation. The idea is to make the viewer guess who the killer is who will be revealed in the final episode. These areas felt that the oyster was going to pay a very sophomore tribute to Ingmar Bergman’s personality.

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Maybe, he didn’t think about Persona, maybe he thought. I do not know. But it reminded me of Persona. As I already mentioned once, I think I secretly wanted the story to go in a different direction.

The acting made the myth somewhat visible.

Twenty-three-year-old Dasani, aptly portrayed as a turbulent young woman, adds to her transformative quality with her hoarse voice. Chatterjee is a hopeless husband, faithful to the brim. Rajit Kapoor is actually delivering the goods. Qureshi’s character has many complex themes, but it’s a poorly written character, and he can not fight with history and posture like he did when he played Bihar’s chief minister in Sony Liv’s empress.

Web Series: Myth

actors: Huma Qureshi, Avantika Dasani, Rajit Kapoor, Paramprata Chatterjee

Director: Rohan Oyster

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