Mumbai Tires actor Akshar Kothari: Epidemic has left many actors insecure | Internet series

Akshar Kothari talks about the luxurious days of actors through his Marathi series and Mumbai Diaries, and how the epidemic left many actors insecure.

Last Friday was a “luxurious day” for actor Akshar Kothari. Chotti Malkin (2018) actor got up, went to the gym, cut his hair, and then “slept for three hours”. The reason is that he took a day off from filming his current TV series.

“This is a very important day for a TV actor,” Kothari says of the day’s holidays. The actor mentions working 12 hours for his TV show. “I’m been doing TV for 10 years and my system is used to working everyday like this. It’s crazy, but I do not care. The format of the TV is like that. Previous shows were twice a week or weekly, but not now. We have the same security forces that operate every day, ”he said.

The 12-hour shift can tax anyone. However, Kothari feels that this has become a new habit. He elaborates, “Obviously, this is not the best way to work because we have to be very efficient. Discipline can be. Above all, the mental and physical health of an actor is important. But again, I have no complaints because I can not change the system overnight. , And because I have to work, I comply with it.

The Mumbai Tyris actor elaborates on his perspective, “There is no point in revolting. In epidemics, we saw how most of the actors were out of work at home. The actors are assignable. The epidemic has made many actors insecure. After sitting idle at home for a long time, they realized that everyone wants to work.

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