Ms Marvel Trailer: ‘Brown Girl from Jersey’ is a superhero, we are still looking for Fawad Khan or Farhan Akhtar | Hollywood

Marvel Studios Ms. Marvel has released a new trailer for the new original series, which will be released in June this year. Ms Marvel will introduce a new superhero, starring Muslim-American teen Kamala Khan and Iman Vellani. Viewers will see Kamala trying to balance her high school life in her youth and her unique responsibilities to be a superhero with the new powers. Read also | Thor: Love and Thunder advertising art gives a first look at Natalie Portman’s female Thor

The trailer begins with the introduction of teenage Kamala Khan from Jersey City, a major fan of the Avengers. He is an avid artist and an avid sportsman who struggles to fit into the world. However, one day the “brown woman from the city of Jersey” takes on the responsibility of saving superpowers and the world like her heroes.

However, rumored actor Farhan Akhtar could not be seen in the trailer as part of the series. Fawad Khan, who had earlier confirmed the shooting for the series, is also nowhere to be seen.

The six-episode trailer starring Sagar Sheikh, Aramis Knight, Matt Linds, Xenophia Shroff and Mohan Kapoor has received mixed reactions from viewers. While some were excited to see the changes made in the Marvel universe, others wanted her to have different kinds of powers.

One fan wrote, “In fact, the brown women of Jersey City did not save the world. I’m a mess #MsMarvel, regardless of me anyway, ”he added with crying emojis. Another wrote, “I really like the #MsMarvel trailer. It was fun. I enjoy the feeling of reading a comic while watching. As many say ‘it’s not his comedic powers’ or ‘it’s the green light’, the power shift causes a lot of frustration, but I think it works. Carol and Monica both have cosmic powers. A third said, “This is so much fun.”

Meanwhile, a Twitter user who did not like the comment wrote, “Destroyed her powers. I have to change the look, it does not seem to be well handled, but can not change her powers completely different. Another commented, “Apart from the change of power, it looks promising and fun.”

Ms Marvel, part of the 4th phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will be screened on June 8 on Disney +. The show is produced by Pisha K Ali.

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