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The first scene of the upcoming Disney + Marvel superhero series Moon Night gives the first look at Oscar Isaac becoming a superhero.

With just one day left before the trailer for Marvel’s upcoming web series Moon Night, fans have been treated to a first look at the new superhero on screen in the form of a 10-second teaser shared on social media.

The teaser, shared by Hulu, an accounting streaming service on Twitter, provides an overview of the suitability of Oscar Isaac as Marvel’s new superhero. In the short video, Oscar’s character Mark Spector changes his name to a superhero and tries to understand the villain’s first appearance in the series starring Ethan Hawk.

In the video, fans briefly look at the Moon Night costume as Oscar looks at himself in the mirror. Later, he can be seen turning into a montage knight, where bundles of cloth come together and cover the mark. One shot shows Ethan Hawke’s unrevealed character saying, “You’re confused.”

In Marvel Comics, Moon Night is an alternative ego to the American Maritime Mark Specter. The series version of Marx becomes a superhero when he unknowingly turns in the path of the Egyptian moon god Gonshu. Ethan Hawke plays a bad boy, and the actor revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that his character was ‘inspired by cult leader David Goresh’.

So far, the showrunners have kept their cards close to their chests, without revealing how the series will connect with other titles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or whether other actors and characters from the movies and shows on Moon Night will pass.

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The world premiere of the Moon Night trailer will take place in India on Tuesday morning. The series is set to premiere at Disney + later this year and will be part of Phase 4 of MCU.

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