Moon Night Super Bowl clip Oscar Isaac unleashes his fierce replacement ego, with fans liking the ‘dark side of Marvel’. See | Internet series

The upcoming Disney + series Moon Night saw its eponymous superhero well on TV spot for a show released on Sunday (in the US) during the Super Bowl.

Although the previous trailer for Moon Knight introduced Oscar Isaac as the protagonist, it only provided quick shots of the actor in his costume. But Monday’s 30-second Super Bowl ad not only shows Oscar’s character turning into Moon Night, but also gives a more detailed look at the costume superhero’s action.

On Moon Knight, Oscar plays Steven Grant, a gentlemanly gift shop employee who struggles with darkness and memories of another life. Steven discovers that he has a defect identification disorder and shares his mind with Mark Specter, an elite soldier and mercenary who decided to fight crime after he became the route of the Egyptian god of the moon Gonshou.

In the new teaser, Moon Knight shows some bad guys jumping from the roof to catch them when they shoot at him. One shot also shows the superhero holding a crescent-shaped knife in a low-angle shot. Marvel fans have so far been impressed by the series’ footage. “The way the cape formed into the moon was so beautiful,” one commenter said. Another in the dark tone of the series said, “I’m definitely here for the dark side of Marvel.”

Moon Night is the latest Marvel Comics character to own a title in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). In a recent conversation, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Faiz called the character ‘brutal’. “Working with Disney + is fun, and we’re seeing boundaries change in what we can do. There are some moments. [in the series] When Moon Night cries over another character, it’s loud and brutal, and the knees tremble, ‘We’m going to get this back, aren’t we?’ He told Empire magazine.

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In addition to the Oscars, the series also stars Ethan Hawke May Kalamawi and Mohamed Diab. The episodes are directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorehead. Jeremy Slater is considered the lead writer.

Moon Night, part of Phase 4 of MCU, premieres worldwide on Disney + on March 30 and will be streamed on the Disney + Hotstar in India.

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