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The actor, who returned to the stage with the play Unfaithfully Yours, talks about tremors and tension before a live show.

The New Year marks a fresh start for Mona Singh, who recently moved into her new home, which has been under construction since last year. “It was exciting because of the interior work, my plans and relocation, and we got a new puppy, it was a handle and it drove us crazy (laughs),” the actor shares.

Aside from movies and OTT, Singh enjoys acting on stage and has been a part of some of the most popular. One of his return to drama was his play Unfaithful Yours, where he reunited with actor Rohit Roy “years later”.

“We haven’t acted in two and a half years, and even though we’ve done about 50 shows so far, no matter how ready you are, the tremors and tension that preceded the live show have not abated. We have made some changes in the play and added infection to the story, ”he shares, adding that only those who are fully vaccinated will be allowed in the theaters.

Singh was involved in filming for OTT shows last year and was in touch with my theater troupes including Rail Padmasi and kept chatting about the latest updates. “It’s been very difficult for many in the theater community affected by the last two years of the epidemic. People are not making money and things are not working properly because things are closed. Writers are energized and working on new plays and are excited about the future.

Singh is looking forward to the release of Lal Singh Satta (LSC) and two OTT shows in which he will play a cop, which will “surprise everyone”. I’m one of the few actors to have lifted it when he moved to Kargil, Le Ladakh, from Loctown since 2020, after filming for the web series Black Widow. Filmed for LSC, and two other OTT shows. During these two years I often went to work, yes, we were scared about Covid-19, but no one from any team got it. I should have tested 600 times. My nose has become a tunnel now (laughs), ”she concludes.

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