Mithila Balkar makes her Tollywood debut: Always ready to live new experiences

The actor reveals that he did not take the help of a language teacher before shooting for his Telugu film

After starring in Hindi and Marathi cinema, actress Mithila Balkar has now made her way into Tollywood with a romantic drama, Ori Devuda. And he sees the opportunity to increase the number of his audience. He tells us, “I don’t care about losing my main audience. I do things that make my mind happy. That’s how I manipulated and guided my business so far.

He adds, “As freelancers we all know, aaj com hi par kal nahi b ho shakti hi. Every day we live as it comes. I am always ready to live more new experiences. This is a good opportunity because it helps to create an audience overview as well.

Balkar reveals that he did not have a teacher to teach Telugu before filming began and that he enlisted the help of his friend’s mother to understand the emotions of his character and plot. “Strangely, I did not face any challenge in expressing my feelings in a language I was unfamiliar with. My best friend’s mother made me read the lines and send me voice notes. That way, I know how words should sound, ”he explains.

But the biggest fear of the Little Things actor is wasting time, especially among a new organization and industry: “I had pages and pages of conversations and I wanted to make sure I knew my lines. Know, and I do not like to get anyone in trouble at my expense.

If Quiz Palker knew South Indian films, he would say, “When I directed Karwan (2018), I had to know who DQ (actor Tulkar Salman) was, so, I watched a lot of Malayalam films. When I was isolated (in January) after suffering from Govit-19, I watched all the Southern movies on my list.

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