Mithila Balkar Govind-19 Positive: There was a strong gut feeling about it | Internet series

The actor says he was disappointed to spend his birthday alone; The health of his grandparents has been a matter of concern since the onset of the epidemic

Recently, actress Mithila Balkar shared on social media that she tested positive for Kovit-19 and wrote, “I started my birthday with a Kovit positive note. Bummer, I know! “Although unconscious, he decided to go to the RTPCR because Kovit was exposed to the victim.” As a precautionary measure, I often visit my grandparents. Will be exposed, ”he says.

Balker shared that he was already anticipating his test results. “I had the strong courage to test the positive and the time it took them to send a report to that feeling. But I gave them the benefit of the doubt that they were overburdened,” he recalled.

The Little Things actor is saddened to be spending his birthday alone today. “Once it was confirmed that I tested positive for Govt-19, I immediately counted the number of days for my birthday and said, ‘Oh, no!’ But the 29-year-old quickly adds, “My 12 days of isolation will end tomorrow. I was disappointed, but if you knew you had caught the corona virus, why go around and spread it? I follow every protocol because I am not irresponsible and want to be safe rather than regret it.

However, Balker worries about his aging grandparents, “It hasn’t stopped worrying me since the epidemic started. If I was shooting out of town, I would not come back immediately and see them, and when I go to see them a few days later, I would always wear a mask. Their immunity is already low. Even if they have the viral flu, it will have a greater impact on them.

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