Miss Universe Harnas Lane, in response to being trolled for weight gain, says she has celiac disease: ‘They say I’m plump’

Harnas Alley has returned to India and is touring various parts of the country for events and interviews. The former actor, who won the Miss Universe pageant for 2021, has been getting some bad comments online for her changed appearance since winning the crown. Harnas says she finds herself beautiful no matter what size. (Read more: Namaste does it when Paparazzi says ‘Make India proud’ at Harnas Alley Airport. See)

The beauty queen seems to have gained a bit of weight in her latest pictures and looks. Many have been trolling him on social media for this, but Harnas has not noticed such comments.

Speaking to PTI, Harnas said the immune response caused by eating protein gluten in wheat, barley and rye is suffering from celiac disease. “I’m one of the first people to be bullied into saying ‘she’s very skinny’ and now they’d bully me saying ‘she’s obese’. No one knows about my celiac disease. I can not eat wheat flour and so on.” She said.

He also said that one’s body undergoes a lot of changes when living in different cities. “When you go to a village, you see changes in your body. I went to New York for the first time. It’s a completely different world.”

“I’m one of the first cosmopolitan beauties to believe in physical positivity. We’ve talked about women empowerment, femininity and physical positivity on the Miss Universe stage. A lot of people are trolled every day whether they are Miss Universe or not. I empower them by making them realize that if I feel beautiful, you are beautiful too, “he said.

“Everyone is beautiful to me. It’s important how you represent yourself, what kind of ideology you have. Your features do not matter in a moment. If you think I’m the most beautiful woman, that’s why I won the Miss Universe. Sorry, you’re wrong, I’m so beautiful (as a woman). May not be, but I’m one of the boldest and most confident women who believe in my body, even if it’s fat or lean.Love me, I love change, you have to appreciate it because you can not go through all the changes, so be happy if you experience changes in life If you face challenges, you should be grateful because it means it is good. It will happen, “he added.

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