Mirzapur, Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankhen, Human: The rise of femme fatales on the web | Internet series

Gone are the days when women on screen were women in distress, waiting for the hero to save them or suffering at the hands of the villain. Content creators for the Internet are now offering female actors characters with shades of gray – women who fight, survive, and make their own decisions, which also puts their lives at risk.

The latest example is the web series Yeh Kali Kali AangenThere Anchal Singh, who plays Purva, the daughter of a politician, loves the character of Tahir Raj Pasin and pulls to get what she wants.

Singh believes his roles are a reflection of our community. He tells us, “Speaking as an actor gives us the freedom to see and project women from a different angle today. What is gray, black and white? We humans have unique personalities through design and make different choices. Then why should women be ashamed of showing so many different emotions or pages on screen? ”

The 29-year-old adds, “At first I did not understand why we treat women’s behavior the same, but now I’m glad things are changing.”

Another character that stands out when it comes to layered characters is Rasika Tugalin Mirzapur Series. The actor, who plays Peena Tripathi, says the availability of such roles for female actors is “refreshing, welcome and long lasting”.

Appreciating the way the stories are written, she said, “It is encouraging to see that writing women’s sections is more subtle. Scripts are now exploring and celebrating femininity, and helming a female protagonist to a show / movie is not just an act of tokenism.

Another factor that Tugal can attach to is that her unforgiving nature only makes decisions that are useful to her.

“Here is a woman, she has so many sides, it’s hard to describe her. She wears her sexuality in her sleeve and captures herself in the haveli of the microcosm of the patriarchal society we live in, quietly but intelligently swinging men in her life against each other, in her favor,” the actor said. Says for sure.

The latest OTT outing, medical drama Man Actress Shefali Shaw was seen in a menacing incarnation and caused chills in the backs of the audience. He plays Dr. Gauri Nath on the internet show, who kills someone but does not get what he wants. Shaw claims the character is “unpredictable” and admits it took him a while to slip into the doctor’s shoes.

Actress Samantha impressed everyone in her internet debut in the role of Rajalakshmi Sehgaran Family Man Season 2. Also in Arya 2 was the role of actor Sushmita Sen, a mother who went to any lengths to protect her children and was widely acclaimed.

The producers, for their part, feel that the online streaming space has allowed female actors to write such characters. Directed by Kanishka Verma Edge inside Season 3, the character played by actor Richa Satta in the show is mentioned. His character, the character of an actor, had shades of gray for him.

“It simply came to our notice then. Until now, the majority of films have been about women in distress, but in the real world around us, there are female directors, cinematographers in the film industry and in other fields, too. So it is gratifying to see this change. OTT does not have the headache of box office drops, you can tell the story you want to tell. It allows any character to thrive, ”he says.

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