Mimoh, son of Emperor Mithun: Dad did not allow us to use our family name privilege; My brother is fighting his own war, I face my own demons | Bollywood

Emperor Mimo made his film debut in 2008 with a lead role Jimmy, However, the star son was not really able to make a note. Looking back on his journey, the son of actors Mithun Chakraborty and Yokita Pali admits that he would have done “everything differently”.

He elaborates, “Today I look back and criticize myself. I was 23 years old when I started, and in two more months I will be 38 years old. I now understand that at one time I was a stupid kid. I should have done things differently.

That being said, Mimoh says he’s glad those things happened because it gave him a lot of insight into things. “If that had not happened, I would not be where I am today. I understand cinema more deeply and emotionally today. I know what a product and story mean to me. I’m glad I did those stupid things today to be a mature person,” he tells us.

While the struggle to get a job and a good job was real as he progressed in his life, he also had to constantly fight the pressure of the famous family lineage.

“My brother (Namashi) is also facing a lot of it now as his film is coming out soon. I still face pressure. Dad’s work is limitless, the man keeps going and can’t stop him. So you can imagine how big the shoes are, ”he says.

How do they fight the criticism of being star kids? “It makes us very dense-skinned and we feel how people hate you,” the actor responds, elaborating, “There are people who downplay the fact that we come from a family. My mom and dad are a part of the movie business, and I naturally offer it.” I have no privilege in my profession. My father never asked anyone to give me a privilege.

But, the actor is now looking to do more work and is happy to be coming to work- he recently starred in a short film. Up Mujhe Udna Hai And two pictures are lined up – Rosh And Jogira Sara Ra Ra.

“When I meet people for work now, they keep saying oh this is a comeback. It’s not a comeback. I never went or left. I did not get any job. There’s a big difference. Returning when you leave. I am very proud of my struggles, ”he concludes.

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