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Actor, presenter, singer and dentist, Meyang Chang has so far been truly satisfied with his journey in the industry.

“I still consider my contribution Indian statue As a turning point in my life. I don’t have to seriously look back once the show is clicked with the audience. Then, I got this big break Padmash Company It gave me a place in films, ”says The உண்டேகி 2, Sultan And Byomkesh discovered the bird Actor.

Chang adds, “I feel great that industry and Mumbai have accepted me as a city with both hands. Otherwise, the fact that he was a qualified dentist and an actor with a chance in the singing field is a testament to the fact that I have actually met some amazing people here and worked without any discrimination. They not only helped me with what I wanted but also supported me.

Adding further to his quest to become an actor, Chang says, “Acting is not easy because it is a creative art that takes your blood and sweat! But, after all these years, I have been in love with crafts and am looking for good utensils. I am confident that in the times to come, I will always be part of a wider range of stories based on character, regardless of my race.

He shares his bitter experience of the last two years of epidemics, “When the Govt-19 erupted it was a little strange experience for all of us. My social media exploded with bad texts, but then there were the well-wishers as well. It was fun and paradoxical. I am a third generation Indo-Chinese. Born and raised in India including my grandparents we are a fully integrated part of the country here. I took things like this into my progress and learned to make steady progress.

Chang, who is currently playing two different characters on the web, has lined up some interesting projects. “I’m very happy to have good projects going on. My recently released web show உண்டேகி 2 I saw him acting in a completely out of the box role. The first season was well received by the audience, so I was more than happy to be a part of the second installment. Also, last month, the OTT series 1962: War in the mountains Being liberated gave me the opportunity to be a part of history. So, good work is going on. ”

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