Masaba Gupta, Tripti Timri and others, as Netflix celebrates Women’s Day with Masaba Masaba 2, Gala Images | Internet series

To congratulate women on International Women’s Day, Netflix India on Tuesday released the first appearance of several women-led films and shows. It has also shared pictures of some upcoming shows. On Twitter, Netflix released pictures of Masaba Masaba Season 2, Mai, Thar, Gala and She Season 2. However, their release dates have not been announced yet. (Read more | Arjun Kapoor calls Alia Bhatt ‘Mini Meryl’ when announcing her Hollywood debut, Bollywood stars cheer for her)

Netflix has shared photos of shows and movies under their ‘Her Kahani Hai Zaruri’ campaign. It has been translated into both languages ​​as ‘her story is important’ and ‘every story is important’.

Swastika Mukherjee and Tripti Timri from streamer Kala shared a post featuring, “Relationships are searching for new depths in #Kala. This beautiful story about a daughter longing for her mother’s love is starring @ tripti_dimri23 and @ swastika24. Coming soon. NetflixH!!” In the photo, Tripti looks ahead with a sad expression on his face. In another picture the swastika was standing in the middle of the snow-capped mountains.

In another post, Fatima Sana Sheikh and Mukti Mohan are featured in Tariq. Fatima stood in a thatched hut, holding a candle, and Mukti danced with her friends around the fire.

The headline reads, “There are more people and places than I can see. But, right now, @fattysanashaikh and @thisIsmukti are getting ready to capture the desert by storm #Thar. Coming soon on Netflix! #HarKahaaniHaiZaruri #HerKahaaniHaiZaruri.”

In the next post, the first look of Sakshi Tanwar, Raima Sen and Wamika Kabi was published in May. Read the headline “#SakshiTanwar returns to rule our screens again with GabbiWamiqa and raimasen! #Mai is the story of how far a mother goes to care for her loved ones. Coming soon on Netflix.”

Mayil Sakshi Tanwar, Raima Sen and Wamika Kabi.
Mayil Sakshi Tanwar, Raima Sen and Wamika Kabi.

In season two of Masaba Masaba, fashion designer Masaba Gupta sat on the throne wearing an animal print dress with a turban on his head. Nina Gupta in a printed green dress was seen smiling. At first glance, the Netflix post reads, “Lights, Camera, Fashion! சாMasabaji and @Ninakupta001 are getting ready to take us on the rollercoaster ride of their lives! #Masabamasaba’s Season 2 Coming Soon on Netflix!”

Netflix hosted a screening of Aditi Bohanger in Season Two.
Netflix hosted a screening of Aditi Bohanger in Season Two.

Giving Aditi Bohankar a glimpse of season two, Netflix’s headline reads, “She’s terrible. She’s strong. And she’s come for many more!

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