Malaika Arora kisses Arjun Kapoor while lurking in a gorgeous photo on Valentine’s Day. See here | Bollywood

Malaika Aurora congratulates Arjun Kapoor on Valentine’s Day with a romantic post. Malayaka, who shared their photo, captioned it in one word. Mentioning Arjun, he wrote ‘mine’ and added a red heart emoji.

The photo shows Malacca and Arjun hugging each other tightly, while he, with his rotten hair, kisses her softly on the forehead. Malaika and Arjun’s casual attire indicate that the photo was taken from an honest moment when they both shared it together at home.

The comments in Malika’s post were partly overflowing with heartfelt eyes and heart emojis. Arjun’s aunt Maheeb Kapoor also called the couple ‘beautiful’ and ‘beautiful’ and the ‘miracle’ in their chemistry.

When Malaika shared the photo, Arjun posted a note: “A good couple are two impossible people who refuse to give up on each other.”

Screenshot of Arjun Kapoor's Instagram story.
Screenshot of Arjun Kapoor’s Instagram story.

In a Valentine’s Day exclusive interview with the Hindustan Times, Arjun opened up about dealing with the dark side of social media when it comes to their relationship. “Yes, I stood with her. Also, she stood with me. Because of the toxicity of social media, we faced speculation, confrontation, confrontation, confrontation, and sometimes unnecessarily, we supported each other through this relationship. Many days were hell for us. “

He added: “She had to face a lot because we came out openly, but I appreciate her for giving me and our relationship so much dignity. Standing with Malaika never felt like an extraordinary thing. I felt it was the right thing, the most natural act.

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When asked to describe Malaika in one sentence, Arjun teased: “Very difficult. I think one sentence is not enough. I will get in trouble. “He quickly took a serious tone and added:” Malacca has transformed me into a person by allowing me to believe more and more. I have always been someone who believes in myself, but she has helped me to do that even in my weakest moments. She was always there, making me realize that I deserved it.

Arjun Kapoor and Malacca Arora officially announced their relationship on Instagram on his birthday in 2019.

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