Madhuri Dixit’s line frying privileged ‘Young Stars’ hit from The Fame Game: ‘Apply some ice on burnt areas’ | Internet series

Fans of the web series The Fame Game have responded to a scene in which actress Anamika Anand, the character of Madhuri Dixit, shows her age difference and mocks the young actor who asked her for blessings. In that scene, actor Jasleen, played by Pooja Bamra, welcomed Madhuri at an event where she praised him. He told me how he was a huge fan of Anamika and grew up watching her films. After that, he took Madhuri’s hand and placed it on her head to bless her, amidst the suffocation of the paparazzi standing outside. (Read more | The Fame Game Review: Madhuri Dixit-led Netflix series is a deceptive mystery)

At first, Madhuri Dixit was shocked, but then laughed and said, “You don’t really need my blessing. Today’s young stars have PR, stylists, coaches, everything. In fact, you don’t even need talent, let alone my blessing. It made Pooja’s character Jaslyn laugh nervously as she was ashamed.

If taken to Reddit, the screen shot of the scene reads, “Apply a little ice on the burned areas!” One respondent wrote, “The model is spitting facts.” Another person said, “Madhuri would have enjoyed the scene and told the dialogue.” “I enjoyed the whole conversation between them. A lot of facts have been talked about so far in this series,” one fan said.

“This series is being produced by Dharma …,” said another. “Paradoxically Karan (Johar) made this,” one commenter said. “Karan wants to play on both sides and in the end, he laughs one last time,” one wrote. “Madhuri got up and chose violence,” another person posted.

“Wow wow wow (wow) standing compliments to the model and the writer,” one fan wrote. One wrote, “Madhuri is the last of the queens! Sorry. Uske Baat Sab is temporary (everyone after her is temporary) Sri (Sridevi), Madhuri is something else.” “Madhuri Mum: Imma is going to end the whole life of these kids!” Said one fan. “Pam Game is like Bollywood trolling itself. I like how writers use their creative freedom without taking the name LMAO over Bollywood tails,” one commenter said.

The Hindustan Times review says, “Through eight 45-minute episodes, we get trophies that we already associate with celebrity life: affairs, poachers, financial problems, domestic issues, messy childhood, jobs. But these are all covered. Sri Rao and co-writers Shreya Bhattacharya, In a very impressive screenplay by Akshat Gildial, Amita Vyas and Nisha Mehta, directors Bejay Nambiar and Karisma Kohli extract the best performances of their superstar lead and the interesting actors around him. “

The Fame Game is directed by filmmakers Bijay Nambiar and Karisma Kohli and the Hindi lyrics are written by Amita Vyas, Akshat Gildial and Shreya Bhattacharya. The series, which is currently streaming on Netflix, also stars Sanjay Kapoor, Manav Kaul, Laxveer Charan, Suhasini Mule and Muskan Jaffrey.

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