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Madhuri Dixit, who has worked in dozens of films in a career spanning four decades, is now seen in the streaming space for the first time. The actor stars in the upcoming Netflix thriller The Fame Game, in which he plays Bollywood superstar Anamika Anand, whose demise reveals the dark secrets surrounding his life.

Many called the show his ‘OTT intro’ and the actor ignored the tag. He told the Hindustan Times, “It’s weird, but it’s true, because there are so many different ways, when you do it for the first time, you get acquainted. And 35 years later, I’m glad to be acquainted. , It’s wonderful. I love learning. For me, filmmaking is a different language, a different system. “

Madhuri Dixit says that although her character in The Fame Game is also an actor, they are not the same.
Madhuri Dixit says that although her character in The Fame Game is also an actor, they are not the same.

The actor shares what drew him to the project and why he agreed to make his debut in the OTT space. “I liked the idea and the whole script in general, and I liked the idea that a celebrity suddenly disappeared. Bejoy and Karisma Kohli were great directors. I felt it was very appropriate, so I said yes,” he shares.

His co-star Lakshveer Charan, who plays Anamika’s son, teased that it was a different act to audition for the show. “It’s a little different for us. It’s not like I say ‘yes, I’m going to do The Fame Game’. Sri (Rao) says ‘yes, you can do this’,” he says with a laugh. But the actor adds that working with Madhuri is a learning experience. He says, “When we went to work it was really good. It’s really about work. It’s about the scene and the character. It was so impressive to see me. To be honest I’m a great fan.”

Laxveer Charan plays Madhuri's son in The Fame Game.
Laxveer Charan plays Madhuri’s son in The Fame Game.

Madhuri says one of the main reasons for playing The Fame Game is that even though she plays an A-list Bollywood star, that character is not like him. “I did not play myself,” he explains, “Madhuri Dixit is Om Puri’s dream come true in the movie Dharavi. She’s very different. “

There are a thousand differences between Anamika and Madhuri but there is one thing in common – their public hatred of the word ‘comeback’. Madhuri laughs at the comparison and laments that journalists always ask about her comeback once every few years. “It happens and I always say, ‘What are you talking about? I’m always here’. I always work and in public view. So the talk of coming back is crazy, ” he tells us.

The dark side of the fame game and the film world deals with hidden conspiracies and corruption. As Madhuri says, I have heard many such incidents in her own life, but I do not have to rely on them to prepare for the show. She says, “You hear a lot of things, you see things around you, but you never really saw it. So, for me, the script is very important and the way the characters are written. So you have those stories in your mind but when you actually act, Anamika Anand And his experiences must come first. “

On the show, Lakshveer’s character is shown dealing with depression and self-harm, and the actor says he focuses on portraying it as sensitive. He tells us, “My purpose is not to exaggerate anything. It’s to play with what already exists (in the script). When you do, you sometimes tend to add some from your own experience. It’s very important to talk about it. I’m very happy to be able to share some of it, and I hope it will reach people.

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Fame Game sees Madhuri reuniting with Sanjay Kapoor, who she worked with in hit films like Raja and Mohabbat 25 years ago. Commenting on the reunion, he said, “I did Raja (1995) and then Sanjay with Mohabad (1997). For me, it’s not hard to go back. “

Formerly known as Finding Anamika, The Fame Game was created by Sri Rawal with episodes directed by Bijay Nambiar and Karisma Kohli. The show also stars Manav Kaul, Suhasini Mule, Muskan Jaffrey, Rajshree Deshpande and Kagan Arora. It starts streaming on Netflix from February 25th.

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