Madhuri Dixit says people are asking her not to make reels because she is a ‘big star’ Internet series

Madhuri Dixit is an avid social media user and continues to delight her Instagram followers with reels ranging from dance videos and home activities. He is rapidly advancing in video trends that often end up across social media.

However, the actor has now revealed that he has been repeatedly told that making reels does not suit his star status. The Kalang actor told the Indian Express that he would not listen to such advice. His Instagram bio reads, “Realizing that you are connected to each other is worth living. Glad to be in touch! ”

He said, “Sometimes people tell me it’s not right for me to do certain things because ‘I’m a big star’, like doing the reel. But how important is that? You have to do what you want to do. I enjoy doing what I do, so I’re very passionate about it. I am doing.

The actor is set to make his OTT debut with the web series The Fame Game, which will begin streaming on Netflix on February 25th. The series is a suspenseful family drama in which Madhuri plays the role of Bollywood star Anamika Kanna, whose demise reveals a negative impact. Mysteries about his star on his family and his life are starting to come out.

When asked if Madhuri’s children – Arin Nane, 18, and Ryan Nene, 16, have had a bad experience with her star, the actor said he has not encountered something big enough to affect his family.

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The 54-year-old said the only problem his family faces because of his popularity is that they are often followed by paparazzi during their travels. However, she has given her sons the freedom to say whether they want to be photographed or not. She said, “What happens when the paparazzi follow us is very small. If you come out of a restaurant, there are many photographers and not every child wants to be photographed. This can be a big problem for us, but it’s too small to worry about.

He added that the media attention was a bit confusing when his sons were young, but they have now learned to deal with it.

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