Madhuri Dixit Nane: Feminist films are not about a woman’s revenge or victimization | Bollywood

Madhuri Dixit Nane started working in Bollywood (introduced with Abbott; 1984) only a few filmmakers made films focusing on women and only a few writers came up with the script for its heroine. Switch to 2022, the actor says, which is “the best time and era for women in movies”.

He elaborates, “Today, when you say a woman-centric film, it is not about a woman who seeks revenge or victimization, and in the end, she rises above all contradictions. Now women are the characters in cinema. They are everyday human beings, who do not see through the mirror who is male and who is female. They portray what today’s women really do – going to work, being housewives, pursuing different careers, shining in sports and more. And it’s awesome, because you have to portray a variety of characters, and the girls have a lot more to do on screen.

The model, who is set to make her OTT debut with the Netflix series The Fame Game, notes that digital media plays a big role in bringing women’s stories to the fore. He attributes a lot to this change in mood due to the sensitivities of the growing audience.

“When OTT came along, people began to see women portrayed on screen differently than they did in the movies. In these web series, women have well-written and well-developed characters. Writers write scripts with a modern sense and are not driven by patriarchy, ”says the 54-year-old. Dance or recite some verses. Women love what they like most from the screen, which is awesome for everyone.

Although the portrayal of women on screen has undergone drastic change over the decades, Madhuri feels absolutely happy that women are responsible even behind the scenes.

“It’s great to see women in a film set, not only in front of the camera, but also in other fields,” says Madhuri. “I started working, I remember going to sets, there were only women. There is no woman in any field, but today, if I go to a set, women are everywhere – assistant directors, cinematographers, writers, directors and photographers. The situation has changed.

In fact, her internet debut, centered on the bliss of a female superstar Anamika, reveals many dark secrets about her sexy life in her closet. Speaking of what made OTT immerse itself in space, Madhuri says she is very interested in long-form storytelling.

“When you start watching a series, it becomes your world, and you’re curious to see what happens to each character, in that moment you live their lives. A movie tells everything in two to three hours, but with this long format content, your stories You get a lot of time to tell the story behind each character. It has many sub-stories running with the main plot, so you can see the whole universe. It makes all the characters interesting and you are absorbed in that world, ”he explains.

Asked if there are any similarities between his character and his true self, the actor quickly adds, “He was a big star, a big name in Bollywood and was able to keep his status intact … that is the similarity, and that is where it ends. . Anamika’s life and the life I lived is very different [Madhuri Dixit] Was. Her family dynamics are very different than mine. She has seen the hard side of life and that is how she has grown. My mom and dad always rallied around me and supported me but Anamika had no protection. So, it varies a lot from real to reel.

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