Madhuri Dixit don’t know her Fame Game Daughter Muskan Jaffari Javed Jaffari’s sister: ‘Why didn’t you tell me’ | Internet series

Muskan Jaffari comes from an acting family. His father is renowned comedian Jagdeep and his half-brothers are actors Javed Jaffrey and TV director Naved Jaffrey. However, Muskan did not want to talk about his family heritage. In fact, although Madhuri Dixit worked with her co-star Javed on the upcoming Netflix show The Fame Game, Muskan hid their connection.

The Fame Game is a thriller surrounding the disappearance of Bollywood star Anamika Anand (Madhuri) and how the dark side of her fame unravels during the trial. Muskan plays Anamika’s daughter on the show and the actor says he was immediately shocked when he first met Madhuri.

Speaking to the Hindustan Times, he said, “It happened while she was reading. We read a desk where she entered the room. I looked at her and I paused. ‘Did this happen? Be quiet, you have to do it. I was, madam I was greeted as OK.

However, Madhuri recalled that although Madhuri and Javed had worked together in the past, Muskan did not tell her that she was Jagdeep’s daughter and Javed’s half-sister. He says, “We’ve talking about privacy, we want you to be someone, but you want to be personal. In today’s social media frenzy, they even know what tea you drank in the morning, I do not know who she is. I know she is Javed’s sister. I do not know .I do not know when we work. “

A Still Muskan Jaffari from The Fame Game.
A Still Muskan Jaffari from The Fame Game.

A few months after filming The Fame Game, Madhuri discovered it, and wondered why Muskan kept it a secret. He shares, “When I found out we were in the middle of the series, it was like ‘why didn’t you tell me’ and she said, ‘I need to know myself’. It was amazing.”

Madhuri and Javed have known each other for over 30 years. The two first shared screen space in the 1991 thriller 100 Days movie. Their dance was furious from the movie Le Le Dil De De Dil in the early 90s, and the two recreated it on stage for the reality show Dance Deewane 3 last year. The two actors also starred together in Indira Kumar’s comedy Total Tamil in 2019.

One reason Muskan does not want to boast about his legacy is that he says he wants to build it in the industry according to his own rules. “I always looked to my father. I learned a lot from him. I always wanted to glorify him, but always wanted to do it myself,” he says.

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Her character in The Fame Game is often overshadowed by the star of her mother Anamika. But despite having star parents in real life, Muskan says he has never been like that in real life. The actor describes, “My dad was my dad at home, I always enjoyed him a lot, but he’s a different artist, I’m going to be a different artist, he sowed it in me. Kisi aur se. Tum apni cheese for focus (baby compare yourself to no one, not me or anyone else. Focus on what you are doing) ” so I never realized it because I knew I would have my own journey. “

Formerly known as Finding Anamika, this fame game was created by Sri Rawal with episodes directed by Bijay Nambiar and Karisma Kohli. The show also stars Sanjay Kapoor, Manav Kaul, Suhasini Mule, Laxveer Charan, Rajshree Deshpande and Kagan Arora. It starts streaming on Netflix from February 25th.

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