Luck played a major role in my career: Mohit Kumar

Ek Tujhe Ke Vaaste 2 actor Mohit Kumar knows how to make the most of life’s opportunities

Ek tuje ke vaste2 Actor Mohit Kumar knows how to use life’s opportunities properly.

“There was a time when I did not know what acting was as a profession. With no pure Haryanvi accent and no restriction on Hindi, I never thought I would be an actor one day. But today, here I am doing my second show as a lead. Now, what do you call it? Luck and blessings play an important role in my life, ”says the young actor.

Kumar recently completed the outdoor shooting of his show in Lucknow. “On the day I came to Delhi from Bhiwani to pursue modeling, I was selected for a bike advertisement and shot in Mumbai. I tasted the blood … actually it was so easy! I was doing a lot of commercials but until then acting was not in my mind, ”he recalled.

The young man later moved to Mumbai but was unemployed due to lack of work. “I gave auditions, but my script was not on target and as a result was rejected. I was managing my expenses through modeling. One day I got a call from the casting guy asking for an audition. But then, I worked hard and learned everything in the set.

Mohit at La Martinier College in Lucknow.
Mohit at La Martinier College in Lucknow.

His show ended just before the second wave of 2021. “I went home for a while and when I got back I was busy with commercials again and did some music videos. Offer for my current show Sub Chatrangi Came to me from the blues. Then I auditioned and was in Lucknow for a week shooting. I feel really blessed to see good looking and talented actors fighting in Mumbai, ”he says.

Kumar enjoys filming in real places. “Daily soaps are rarely filmed from Mumbai but my last show was filmed in Bhopal, through which I was able to explore the city of the Nawabs. Coming from Haryana, I saw a huge cultural difference, especially in terms of language.

Acting as a Lucknow teenager was a difficult task for him. “Apart from my script and story, filming here has helped me a lot because I experience culture and language firsthand. We got used to Tu-Tadak and Main to Hum and Tum to Aap, it just didn’t happen to me. Then Enga Director Saurabh (Tiwari) Sir, my savior who is a writer and a local. Yahan Khali B Bahut Issad Se Di Jati Hai! I had to lower my pitch to suit the tone of the city, and now when I talk to the app-people, my parents will not believe me if I talk to them, ”he shares.

Kumar is happy to go back to Lucknow as he is scheduled to shoot in Lucknow once every fortnight.

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