Low noise, no noise: BTS promises ‘best days’ on return to live concert in South Korea

No shouting, cheering or shouting – these are just some of the restrictions that fans have to follow as megastars BDS took to the stage for their live show in Seoul, South Korea, two years after the Kovit-19 epidemic changed the reality of the world. But that does not diminish the happy rhythmic mood.

In fact, admitting that they are “sick and tired” of virtual shows is something the band has long admired.

“We were so sick, tired of going online (for shows, and so on) that it would end. I do not know how precious it was to see each of you in person and jump together. We took it as an order, but today, we know what to expect. Despite the restrictions, we put a lot of effort into this concert, “said R.M.

“It’s so much better than an online concert. I feel like we’ve taken this one big step. We’ve been home now and it makes so much sense to us. I’m so glad to see you and look back, it’s a memory. And we can tell the daughters that we only applauded for the shows, ”he said of the physical applause given to the fans.

BIGHIT MUSICA Moment from their performance
BIGHIT MUSICA Moment from their performance

South Korean septet, RM, Jin, SUGA, J-Hope, Jimin, Wei and Jung Cook joined the first of their three concerts for live music on March 10 at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul. Gig not only marked their return with a live audience show in South Korea, but it was also the first show after Jimin and V. Kovit recovered from illness. Participants had a limit, except that there was no restriction on singing in accordance with epidemiological protocols. “We did a show without the audience, but not without shouting. We feel embarrassed too,” Suka said while addressing the audience.

As the concert moved like a wave, the sounds were as loud as energy, from peppy to emotional ballad, infused with hope and joy. The band has performed on several online concerts and tours in Los Angeles over the past two years, performing hit tracks including DNA, Outro: Wings, Blue and Gray, Fake Love, Life Goes On, Dynamite and Permission to Dance.

Emotionally, Jay-Hope admitted, “Honestly, for 2.5 years with the epidemic, I do not know when it will end. I did not see you all, I waited … but today all those worries are gone”.

PDS show in Seoul (Bighit Music)
PDS show in Seoul (Bighit Music)

It was also a happy moment for the fans who saw the official color purple LED wattage of the PDS Phantom shake synchronously with the rhythms and sounds. Jin was excited to see the response, and said, “I was worried about the concert when I heard that the fans could only attend with applause. But you all enjoy it so much.

The band took their show in a van that drove around the grounds. “Army, instead of your voice, you clapped today, it prompted me to hear your voice even more,” V admitted.

Jimin added, “We missed each other so much. I felt like I was returning home. “

Cook looked at the positive side and said, “We expected the show to be full because the stadium was full, so it’s a bit unfortunate. Anyway, we have good days, and we’ll find the answer to that.

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