Lock Up’s Saiyasha Shinde talks about a mentally ill ex: ‘I was a woman who had sex with a homosexual’ | Internet series

Saiyasha Shinde opened up on Lock Up about the stressful time in a relationship. She revealed what her ex-boyfriend was doing to her.

In the latest episode of the ongoing Lock Up reality show, Saiyasha Shinde spoke openly about the time she was mentally abused in a relationship. Saiyasha, who was previously Shinde in the dream, was in a relationship with a man. Lock Up is streamed on Alt Balaji and MX Player and hosts host Kangana Ranaut on weekend episodes. (Also Read: Lock Up: Payal Rohatki and Poonam Pandey fail to mention the name of the President of India)

Saiyasha was talking to Payal Rohatki and Poonam Pandey about how women are often abused in relationships, but rarely talk about it. Poonam said she was subjected to domestic violence for four years before she finally spoke out against it. “I would happily put on make-up to cover the black areas of my face and talk like nothing happened,” Poonam said. Boyle said Indian celebrities do not give a voice to domestic abuse and how love treats them.

Then Saisha said, “I was abused in the relationship too. It was not physical. It was mental abuse but it was on another level. He made me feel like he was standing outside my door thinking that someone will come and I will cheat on him, if I cheat on him. He’s going to grab me by the arm, he’s going to use it against me, he’s going up to the terrace, he’s standing in the pipeline.

Payal Rohatki asked Saiyasha, “Why can’t you masturbate?” She said to him, “Because I do not want to have sex with him.” Saiyasha added that she just realized that her boyfriend could be right. “Back then, I thought he was right, but I was never happy there. Physically, I was never happy. I always wondered, ‘Kya mujhe samaj hi nahin a raha hai (I can not understand)’ because I was with a gay man. I was a woman who had sex. Obviously, something was wrong, but I told myself I was gay. “

Saiyasha is a famous fashion designer and has worked with Kangana Ranaut, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sunny Leone, Shraddha Kapoor and Bhoomi Bednekar and many more. She also designed the gown worn by Harnas Kaur Alley for the final round of Miss Universe 2021.

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