Lock Upp’s Payal Rohatgi supports Will Smith after Oscars slap, slams Munawar Faruqui: ‘comedians attacks religion’ | Internet series

In the news flash of the day, lock-up contestants were informed about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock on the Oscar stage. Payal Rohatki gave his support to the bow and criticized the comedians who make fun of everything. Competitors debated the incident but Boyle and Munawar Farooq got into an argument. (Also read: Wanda reveals that Chris apologized to himself after being stabbed)

News flash on Lock Up, “Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock on the face after he mocked the actor’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. . ” Siva wondered how people would make fun of someone‚Äôs wife.

Boyle said, “Very well, people can not make fun of anyone. She has a hair loss condition. Humor has a limit.” Ali Merchant agreed with her, and said, “Yeh comedians, comedians, you comedians are the name of comedy and teasing).” Sivam said that anyone who mocks his wife will be slapped.

Then Munawar came and said, “Oscar me hinsa allowed high (violence is allowed in Oscar awards).” Boyle said, “If you slap someone at the Oscars, it’s not violence. Your wife can be slapped if someone makes fun of her. Munawar became angry and told her, “Payal, do not do this.” He said he was the one who started it all by referring to violence.

Then Munawar said, “Payal apne pe mat lo (this is not about you), do not do this. You do not know.” Boyle subsequently apologized to him.

Munawar had earlier been attacked for mocking Hindu religious sentiments. His 12 shows have been canceled in the past due to similar allegations. In November last year, he announced that he had decided to stop making jokes on his Instagram account.

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