Lock Upp: Payal Rohatki fails to mention the name of the President of India, Twitter reaction: ‘Then they say we did not get a chance’ | Internet series

During a recent stint on the reality show Lock Up, contestants including Payal Rohatki, Poonam Pandey, Sarah Khan and Nisha Rawal failed to mention the name of the President of India.

The reality show Lock Up hosted by Kangana Ranaut could not answer a very simple question during a task by many controversial contestants. The contestants were asked to name the President of the Republic of India, but four of them could not give the correct answer. Among them was Payal Rohatki, who was politically aware and was trolled for it. Ramnath Govind is the President of the Republic of India. read more: Lock up: Chakrabarti is expelled and the heartbroken Kangana tells him ‘you have set a false precedent in my prison’.

Poonam Pandey, Nisha Rawal and Sarah Khan were without clues during the mission. However, the one who was trolled by his ignorance was only Payal. The actor has often made headlines for his controversial political tweets. He also did not respond to a request for comment on Twitter. The correct answer is 280 words, Payal said it was 140.

For Boyle’s ignorance, an observer wrote on Twitter, “Social media pr #payalrohatgi itna gyan pelti hai google se copy paste krke. Also GK Quiz Me Ek Answer Ni Ara Da .. Payal Didi To President Name Be Modi Hi Bada Date. The president’s name is tk ni pata #LockUpp (Boyle shares so much wisdom on Twitter by copying and pasting from Google. He may have named Narendra Modi as president).

Another commented, “Everyone is watching #LockUpp. Some big rivals who do not even know who the current President of India is? Who is the founder of Azad hind fauj? payalrohatgi and #PoonamPandey wanted to lead the team and they could not even answer basic questions like the President of India. Wtfff and then they say we don’t get opportunities #LockUpp.

The show is produced by Ekta Kapoor. Other contestants on the show include Anjali Arora, Munawar Farooqi, Babita Bogat, Siddharth Sharma, Karanveer Bohra, Shivam Sharma and Tehseen Poonawalla.

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