Lock Upp: Kangana Ranaut praises Munawar Faruqui’s match, warns ‘Tactics have limits’ | Internet series

Lock-up presenter Kangana Ranaut praised contestant Munawar Farooqi for watching his game in recent episodes. Kangana Ranaut, who evaluates the performance of the contestants in the weekend episodes called Judgment Day, told the comedian that he was on the right track to win the show. This comes after Kangana had earlier criticized Munawar for creating his own content on Lockup, rather than providing content to the audience. Read also | Lock Up Premiere: Munawar Farooqi with Kangana Ranaut says ‘Thamkian Matt Digiye’. See

In the new promo of the Judgment Day episode which will be aired this Saturday, you can see Kangana clapping for the work of Munawar Farooqi. The video began with the actor inquiring about Munawar’s health. Munawar responded that the doctor had told him he had a stomach infection, while at the same time he said he was feeling better one day.

“Tokiye munawar ne ek example set karke rak diya hai aploko ke liye. Sabse jiata bimar b thi, passive b thi, login bir b, inka kam itna acha tha. (Set by munawar is an example to others among you. He still played well).

However, the actor also had a warning to Munawar, who was jailed for “false comedy” on the show. “Makar (but) tantra also has a limit, Munawar. Aap kunning com karte hain, apne fayte ke liye karte hain, login dusron me is hot tak aap beh jaate hain, ki wo apas me lat jaye do wo sahi nahi hain na (your You are cunning for your own benefit, but it’s not good to get lost in it to the point of causing a fight between others), “he said, referring to a recent fight with rival Siddharth Sharma and Karanveer Bohra who were fired during a mission. .

Appreciated by the audience, Munawar received the support of Instagram users. “He’s playing very well,” one wrote, while another commented, “Our winner is #MunavarFaruki.” Munawar was jailed for a month last year on charges of insulting religious sentiments during one of his stand-up shows in Indore.

Lock Up is a captivity-based reality show that airs seven days a week on Alt Balaji and the MX Player on Kangana Ranaut’s Judgment Day episodes at 10.30pm.

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