Lock Upp: Gangana Ranawaka expels Babita Pokha, ‘Mentally and emotionally, you are not involved in any way’ | Internet series

In a recent episode of the show, Kangana Ranaut announced that wrestler Babita Bogot has been expelled from the reality show Lock Up. Kangana is the host of a show that streams online daily. The show is streamed 24X7 except for daily episodes. (Also Read: Lock Up: Chetan Hansraj, introduced as the 15th contestant, was jailed for being a ‘villain of choice’)

In Sunday’s episode of Lock Up, Karanveer Bohra and Babita were fighting for their lives. Kangana could not understand the game from Babita. Responding to the allegations, Babita said, “I gave my best and did what I could in the game as I understood it. Of course, there would have been mistakes I made. If I go out today, it’s my fault and I will admit it.

Kangana Ranaut told Babita, “I will not say you have any shortcomings. You understood the game, you played well, and enjoyed the process. You’re well involved in the show, but only physically. You’re not mentally or emotionally involved. “

Babita said she tried her best to communicate with everyone. You are a real athlete and the players are ready to face any situation, ”said Kangana. After Kangana announced that the wrestler was the one who was sent out of the show, Babita said goodbye to the contestants. Babita said, “I am so grateful that you loved and respected me so much. I have only gratitude and respect for all of you. I had the idea that I could leave this week.”

Earlier in the Sunday episode, the angry Kangana said, “Payal, my decision is to get you out of the lock-up. But you have improved your game over the last few days. You are not a professional, but I am. Therefore, I will not allow my likes and dislikes to affect this decision. I will only tell you the sentences, but you will be allowed to stay in the lock-up jail. ”Kangana then kept Payal in solitary confinement until further notice.

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