Lock Upp day 27 Written announcements: Kangana Ranaut fired for arguing with Saiyasha Shinde | Internet series

In Saturday’s episode, Kangana Ranaut got into heated discussions with some contestants. Saiyasha Shinde was initially involved in the controversy and Kangana was asked to leave the show as there are many who want to take part in the reality show. Despite trying as hard as they could to convince both contestants, Saiyasha was forced to leave the show. This is the second exit the day after Chetan Hansraj. (Read also: Lock Up: Chetan Hansraj apologizes to Karan Kundra, ‘I am angry with myself)

Speaking about the riotous acts committed by the contestants asking for food, Kangana asked Saiyasha to talk about her own reaction. Saiyasha said, “Our ration has been reduced. Kangana, you know my fogat ke jakte nahi karti mai thabi kuch polangi agar mai mandi hu usme (I do not fight for the issue. I say it when I say it, it’s important to me).”

Saysha added, “Food is reduced. I do not mind taking food as punishment. I understand that, but there must be a limit. I am a responsible person. You can not, no one can say I am not responsible. Enough.” Angry Kangana said, “You are irresponsible and you are stuck in the game too. Your game is not going anywhere. None of these tricks you are trying to show will help you.”

Then Saisha said, “If I have to apologize, I will not do it. I do not think I have done anything wrong.” “I do not need your forgiveness,” Kangana replied. Saiyasha suggested the contestants run the show, and Kangana shouted, “You can get lost, get out now. There are 50 more people waiting to attend the show. There are a lot of people, check out the new records this week.”

“I’m not going, I’m only going if she kicks me out, there’s a difference,” she said. Later, Karanveer, Munawar and Mandana tried their best not to send Kangana to Saiyasha. Saiyasha finally agreed to Munawar and apologized to Kangana. However, Kangana told Saiyasha to take her bags and leave.

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