Lock Upp day 26 Written notice: ‘If anyone touches me, I will make sure this show is stopped’ says Payal Rohatki | Internet series

In the Friday episode of Lock Up, we were able to see Mandana Karimi fighting with Payal Rohatki and Nisha Rawal. Having been a part of the Payal and Nisha show since the beginning, Mandana entered the show this week as a wild card entry. Gangana Ranawaka is the presenter of Lock Upp which streams on Alt Balaji and MX Player. (Also read: Lock up: Munawar Farooqi broke; Jailor Karan Kundra offered his condolences)

After failing in a task, Mandana told her teammates, “Payal came up to me and said, ‘You go over there and do this too. The problem is, that’s what happened yesterday.” Boyle interrupted and said he was not allowed to act. Mandana replied, “What acting? What are you doing?”

Mandana told Nisha that she will be in the Orange team but will not take any active part in it. Later, Payal Rohatki said, “I told her (Mandana) to call the shots on our team, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to fire me. And now she’s telling me that we lost the task. Yesterday she wanted me. She fired me too. No, how did she make any difference to what happened to me before? She can not be the captain when she does not let me play. “

Mandana was also seen telling Munawar Farooqi that he did not want to do payal work. Mandana turned to Payal and said to her, “I just wanted to tell you this, I think this is a great time. This is the perfect time to tell you that the hashtag ‘Save the Conflict’ is trending outside. Asma interrupted to remind Mandana not to speak in private.

Payal said, “This woman has filed a domestic violence case against her own husband. Poor boy. Can you imagine violence in marriage? Asma added, “That’s why he should have left her. If she talks like this, what else will she get?”

When Asma threw water on Mandana Karimi’s bed, the show sparked a water fight, with Mandana pouring water around her block and wetting everyone’s beds. Nisha got very angry and Mandana told her during the fight, “The person you are talking to (while talking) is your little secret .. He was here a few days ago, wasn’t he?” Depressed Nisha cried until she calmed down. She declared that she would not fall into Mandana’s position.

Throughout the episode, Payal shouted twice that if anyone touched him on the show, he would file a lawsuit against everyone. “If anyone touches me, I’ll make sure this show stops.”

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