Lock Upp day 22 Written Updates: Sarah Khan Gives Ali Merchant A Reality Check, Says He Didn’t Find Any Job | Internet series

On Monday’s episode of the reality show Lock Up, Sarah Khan and Ali Merchant got into another ugly fight. Sarah kicked off her journey right from the first scene of the show, with her ex-husband Ali recently entering the show as a wild card contestant. (Read also: Lock-up became the ‘Most Watched Reality Show’ at OTT with 100m views)

When the guards asked the contestants to clean the prison premises, Ali walked over to Sara and tried to engage in conversation. “What are you talking about? You have nothing to speak about inside and outside this prison,” Sarah asked angrily. Ali told her he wanted to clarify any differences and put an end to all negativity, “I have no negativity.”

To which Sarah replied, “Negative? Should I be positive now? The way you spoke at the time, don’t look at my face. I’ve been saying the same thing for 12 years. You.”

Ali insisted he had tried to talk to her a few years ago, but he vehemently denied it. “Never, I do not want to talk. You lied. What the problem, you talk casually, but you provoke me.” Ali walked away as Sabko Bada Hai Kaise Sal Rahi Hai, Isliye Qut Kabi Settle Nahi Ho Pai Life May (Everyone knows how you act. That is why you can not settle down in life).

Sarah was angry and said, “I’m settled down well in my life. Who are you to tell me how I settled down? I’m been very settled and happy in my life. I can not tell the past of a former, 12 year old. I have not settled down.” Ali then said that all Sarah did was “controversy and controversy. I left the industry because I wanted to avoid controversy.”

“Really? You wanted to monetize the controversy. You didn’t get the job, you didn’t leave the business,” Sarah shouted at Ali. Sarah and Ali were married at Big Boss in 2010, but separated two months later.

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