Lock Upp: Ali Merchant Explains Ex-Wife Sarah Khan’s List Of Emotions During Emotional Work At Holi | Internet series

Ali Merchant and Sarah Khan have established a good balance in the lock-up following a difficult start. Ali and Sarah, who divorced a year after getting married in Big Boss Season 4 in 2010, have come together on a show in Lock Up after 12 years. After some initial difficulties, the ex-couple sat together for a mature discussion on how to progress on the show. Soon, they were engaged in an emotional mission, where Ali had to study the flaws that Sarah wanted to fix within herself. Read also | Lock Up: Sarah Khan and Ali Merchant try to solve their problems with decent chat, ‘We were so young’ he says

On the eve of the Holika Dahan festival, the people of Lock Up were asked to write their grievances on a piece of paper ahead of the Holika Dahan, a festival where people light a fire to commemorate the victory of good over evil. As part of the task, other contestants must randomly select a letter and read it aloud to others before placing it in a fire built inside the makeshift prison. In an ad for the show, which was shared on MX Player’s YouTube channel, Ali selected a letter about Sarah Khan’s shortcomings and explained it to others.

“Ali ne Udaya Sara ka naam, more by accident (Ali chose Sara’s name, more by accident)?” That video was given a title. The other contestants accidentally expressed surprise and started saying Ali Sara’s name. “How is that possible?” Karanveer Bohra asked.

Ali then began to read the letter, while the camera showed Sarah getting emotional. Ali said, “Maine, Sarah Khan, Maine jaldi logo ki podon mein aa jaati hu. Mujhe akale tar lakta hai. I’m very emotional and make quick decisions, while I’m taking the time to think twice. I’m trying to make myself a better person every day. “

The audience of the show praised Sarah in the comment section and praised her with a caption, “I love Sarah. She is a very nice girl.” Another said, “This is a melting moment. We do not know what happened between Ali and Sarah. But I appreciate how beautifully Sarah has handled Ali’s presence so far. The most beautiful thing on the internet today.”

Lock Up is a captivity-based reality show that airs seven days a week on Alt Balaji and the MX Player on Kangana Ranaut’s Judgment Day episodes at 10.30pm.

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