Lock Up Written Day 29 Updates: Karanveer Bohra Exits, Poonam Pandey, Munawar Farooqi, Sivam Sharma Cry Uncontrollably | Internet series

In Monday’s episode, Lockup saw another surprising exit, and Karanveer Bohra was expelled from the show. Upon the announcement of his expulsion, he saw Siva Sharma crying without consolation, and soon, other members of his group joined him. Kangana Ranaut is the presenter who appears in reality show streams and weekend episodes on Alt Balaji and MX Player. (Also read: Kangana defends Will Smith for smashing Chris Rock; Wants him to join Lock Up)

Zeeshan Khan, who recently entered the show and has not yet been assigned to a group, was invited to the Naga Zone. He was then asked to make a place for himself by mentioning the name of one of those selected to be expelled from the indictment. Zeeshan was named Karanveer and Vinith Kakkar was named Karanveer.

Soon after, named after Zeeshan and Vinith, the guards announced that it was time for Karanveer to be evacuated. Everyone was shocked. Zeeshan approached Karanveer for a handshake, but Karanveer backed away and said, “Don’t touch me.”

Even Karanveer could not believe that he left the show. Immediately, Siva started crying and said, “Sarah Khan Sali Kai, Saiyasha Shinde Sali Kai Up of Be Ja Ja Rahe Ho (Sarah and Saiyasha are gone, now you are leaving too)”. When they said goodbye to Karanveer, Anjali Arora and Poonam Pandey also started crying. Siva kept on crying.

In the previous episode, we were able to see Ali Merchant and Anjali fighting as they pulled each other during a mission. Ali walked up to Anjali and said, “Do not frame anyone for the bulls ***. Do not go that way, you are young. You are 21 years old, that’s why I say this. I have seen this world enough., This is the wrong path.” Anjali pulled off his T-shirt.

Tribute to it, “Do not talk about all this. Are you talking about the image? Will you damage my image? Are you saying I can not get the job done? You have no one to create or damage my image. I can do it for myself. Avoid using words like this. Shut up.”

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