Lock up: Sarah Khan’s ex-husband Ali Merchant to enter the show as a wild card; Fans split | Internet series

Kangana Ranaut’s Lock Up is ready to welcome a new contestant on the show. The show introduces Sarah Khan’s ex-husband Ali Merchant as its 14th rival after Tehseen Poonawalla was ousted. In a new ad, Kangana Ranaut was handcuffed for being a “publicity seeker”. Read also | Lock Up: Sarah Khan complains that Sivam Sharma is causing her ‘discomfort’: ‘Off Extreme Ja Rahe Hai’. See

“Koop Jamaica Rang Jab @ Alimarchant Behnenge Prisoner Ke Rang (The show will be set while Ali Merchant is wearing the prisoner’s uniform)!” Alt Balaji shared the promo on Sunday titled. The video began with the guards bringing in a new rival who covered his face in a voiceover saying, “Crazy ex-lovers Ko Pulna Asan Hai, but Makar Jab’s ex-husband Fir Se Samne a Jaye, things have become even more volatile.” Sarah Khan Ka Fir Se Ban Ban Raha Hai Uska Present. (Ex-lovers are easy to forget, but if the ex-husband comes in front of you again, things get even worse. Sarah Khan’s past becomes her present). Queen’s Lock Up enters Main Mercantile.

The video showed Ali being behind bars when Kangana came and handcuffed him. The actor was then holding a digital card in which he revealed that he had been imprisoned for being an “ad seeker”.

Many spectators expressed their excitement at the potential drama that Ali’s entry would bring to the show. One commenter said, “Be the audience: Abi Maja Aayeka Na Pitu !! (Now that would be fun). Some have expressed their condolences to Sivam Sharma for continuing to express his love for Sarah on Lock Up. One wrote “No Shivam ka kia hoga (what will happen to Shiva)” and another commented, “Please do not remove Siva now”.

Some thought it was a little unfair to Sarah. “How can she cope with this,” read a comment. Another observer commented, “What the fuck. We do not want to see him. Ali and Sarah were married at Big Boss in 2010, but separated two months later. When Ali came out of the Big Boss house, Sarah’s parents told her that they had been married two years ago, in 2008, and had received money from the channel to get married on the show. He confirmed the allegations in Sach Ka Samna two years later. Sarah later called the wedding a ‘dream’ in a conversation.

The ad comes a few days after Ali told the Times of India that he wanted to join Lock Up. He also said that if Sarah talked about herself on the show, she was sure he would have enough answers to calm everyone down.

Seven days on Lock Upp: Badass Jail Atyaachari Khel, Alt Balaji and MX Player Kangana Ranaut Judgment Day episodes streaming at 10.30pm on weekends. The prisoners’ reality show puts its “controversial” celebrity players in tough situations where they have to complete tasks in order to get basic necessities.

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