Lock up: Poonam Pandey’s praise for Munawar Farooqi’s homework backfires; Kangana Ranaut, ‘Is she the only one here ..’ | Internet series

Lock-up contestant Munawar Farooqi recently came out in support of his teammate Poonam Pandey on the show. However, his compliments to both Poonam and host Kangana Ranaut. Munawar said he was impressed by Poonam’s performance in household chores, but others, including Poonam and Kangana, chose his words and laughed. Read also | Lock-up: Kangana Ranaut condemns Karanveer Bohra for inciting Chetan Hansraj, saying ‘he almost beat a doctor’.

In the ad for Judgment Day episode shared on MX Player’s YouTube channel on Sunday, Nisha Rawal, Payal Rohatki, Poonam Pandey, Sarah Khan and Sivam Sharma can be seen wearing chains and locks around their necks. Munawar, who did not wear such chains, was asked which of them would like to save a rival, and he named Poonam Pandey.

While explaining the reasons for supporting Poonam Pandey, Munawar focused on his expertise in household chores. He said, “Poonam is one of the strongest competitors. Also, I do not want the team (Blue Team) to be in danger. We do not know what task we will get tomorrow.”

He added, “Aur yaha pe jis tara ke task hote hain, bahot kar ko leke, aur wo babat ho ya koi be sis me bahot expertise hi uska, ata kundna, ye wo (most of the tasks given to us here are home., And. Poonam specializes in kneading or popping, so he’s a strong contender for the team. “

Noticing that all of Munawar’s compliments to Poonam were about her skill in housework, Kangana asked her, “Apne basically Atta Kundne Ke Liye, Chuckley Banane Ke Liye, Babat Belne Ke Liye, Poonam Ko Rakka Hai (so you have the cat based on kneading other snacks. Do) .Meanwhile, Poonam and the other contestants laughed.

Then Kangana asked him, “I do not know if Poonam is happy, I will not be happy if you are.” Munawar tried to explain that Poonam would be good for the team as a whole, and said that he felt his reasons sounded wrong when he spoke. Poonam chuckled, “I also wondered what he was doing. I did my best in the tasks.”

The audience also saw the incident as hilarious, but it was the connection between Kangana and Munawar that caught their attention. One wrote, “Kangana always smiles when talking to Munawar.” A third person wrote, “One thing I noticed is that Kangana has a smile on her face whenever she interacts with Munawar.”

Lock-up streams on Alt Balaji and MX Player are seven days and Kangana Ranaut’s Judgment Day episodes are streaming on weekends at 10.30pm. So far 6 contestants have been eliminated.

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