Lock Up: Poonam Pandey Says She Has ‘Brain Bleeding’, Sam Bombay Beats Himself For ‘Loving Dogs’ | Internet series

Poonam Pandey has claimed that she once suffered a brain haemorrhage when her ex-husband Sam Bombay physically assaulted her. He was talking to co-contestant Karanveer Bohra on the new reality show Lock Up. A few weeks after marrying Sam in 2020, Poonam filed a domestic violence case against Sam. (Also read: Poonam Pandey: ‘I accept that I started the controversy when I could not find a job’)

In the second episode of Kangana Ranaut’s reality show Lock Up, Karanveer asks Poonam if he loves Sam Bombay. She once told him that he had hit her so hard that she had suffered a brain hemorrhage. “Yeah, I did. I hate him now. I don’t like him. I don’t like him.” She broke her heart and said, “Who likes to be beaten. I had a four-story house, a separate garden, a separate terrace. I had a big house. If I had a room, I would not let myself be in that room. He would ask why I was in that room.” He would force me to be with him in the room he wanted. A little clean air when I told him to stay with me, I was not allowed. I was not allowed to carry my phone anywhere, nor was I allowed to touch my phone in my own home. “

And, “If I loved my dog ​​and slept with them, he would say I love my dogs more than him. What kind of statement is that? Why should I be beaten for loving my dogs? Is that so? A cause of brain hemorrhage? Because I have one.” When asked by Karanveer how long he has been enduring it all, Poonam said he has been living with it for four years. Then Karanveer said, “Poonam, not just for you but for anyone. It’s time for a man to hit you first, it’s time for it to happen again.”

Poonam added, “It’s only once. My brain injury (pointed to the left side of her head) has not healed because he’s just kept hitting me in the same place over and over again. I put on makeup, shine, and laugh. I’ll walk. It’s common to be hit in the same place over and over again. “

Payal Rohatki, who was there at the time, asked why Sam hit the cat but said he did not want to talk about anyone. However, he soon began to talk about his addiction to alcohol. “If a person starts drinking from 10am, into the night and into the night, there will be no one to save us and the staff will be scared.” Payal wanted to know more but Poonam said he did not want to talk about it. Karanveer Bohra cheered the cat standing for him and the conversation ended. That said it was a good start.

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