Lock Up: Payal Rohatki scolds Sarah Khan for ‘secretly’ smoking on the show, Sarah responds ‘Don’t be my mom’ | Internet series

Boyle Rohatki has attacked his lock-up rival Sarah Khan for smoking “secretly” on the show. The fight started when Sarah complained about the spicy food prepared by Payal, and caused acidity to some of the contestants. Kangana Ranaut, presenter of the reality show Lock Up, will be appearing on the weekends. (Read also: Lock Up: Anjali says that Karanveer told her to pretend she has feelings)

In the latest episode of Lock Up, Sara complained that the cooked food in the payal was high in garam masala and Siddharth Sharma did not listen to what she was saying. Payal then confronted Siddharth and said that instead of taking Sara’s word, he should at least have tasted some food for himself. Spicy food is not the only cause, he said, adding that smoking also causes acidity.

Later, he saw Sarah confronting Boyle and said he did not say Sarah smoked too much. However, Payal added, “I’m been talking about passive smoking for the last several days. Op plot Savitri Bani Firti Ho. Yes, at least Poonam is not hiding. ” Tehseen Poonawalla asked Payal not to talk about it as Sara’s parents were watching the show. Boyle then said, “Her family needs to know that she smokes.”

Heartbroken Sarah cried to Nisha Rawal, “I do not break certain limits in front of my parents. My family knows what I want to say, they already know everything. You (Payal) do not call me a mother.” Payal interrupted and said that she had no such intention.

Then Sarah and Payal apologized to each other. Both acknowledged that they were very emotional and sensitive, and promised to better understand each other’s feelings from the next method.

Lock Up is a new reality show that has just started streaming. Ekta Kapoor has sponsored the show which will air on Alt Balaji and MX Player.

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