Lock up: Munawar Farooqi’s joke goes wrong ‘Kangana Ranaut throws Ranawat in jail. See | Internet series

Comedian Munawar Farooqi has been announced as the second contestant on the ALTBalaji and MX Player reality show Lock Up hosted by Kangana Ranaut. On Monday, TV actress Nisha Rawal was introduced as the first contestant.

A new ad showed Munawar entering a stage with loud cheers from the audience. However, he was arrested on the charge of ‘the joke went wrong’ because he checked the microphone. He was then wearing an orange jumpsuit and handcuffed inside the jail. Kangana also appeared as a jailer in a gold sequin pant suit.

In a statement, Munawar said the lock-up has the potential to ‘change the dynamics of the content viewing experience in the Indian OTT industry’. “Although it will be a difficult and challenging journey for me, I am glad that this show gives me the opportunity to be myself in a real setting,” he said.

Last year, Munawar was arrested by the police in Indore for allegedly insulting religious sentiments by making indecent remarks against Hindu deities. He was jailed for 37 days and released on bail.

The 16 ‘controversial’ celebrities will be jailed for 72 days in the lock-up that will be screened on February 27th. They will have to do tasks to get even the basic amenities.

At the launch of Lock Up, Kangana said, “You have to face your trials, your demons, your insecurities and reveal your dark truths.” He called the show ‘you have never seen it before’.

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“The show is going to encourage honest people, those who are there will not live a two-way life. Our winner is not going to be the best little-to-shoes. This would be a terribly honest person. Whether he or she likes it or not does not place the burden of whether the person likes it or not, ”he said.

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