Lock Up: Munawar Farooqi tears off his pants while squatting; Fans laugh at his antics in Workout Task | Internet series

Comedian Munawar Farooqi, who has become one of the leading contestants in Lock Up, recently made his rivals and his fans laugh at his pranks during a task. Fans have been taking to social media to share Munawar’s videos using unusual ways to win the latest mission. Munawar was praised by fans and prison host Kangana Ranaut for his performance in the captive reality show. Read also | Lock up: Poonam Pandey’s praise for Munawar Farooqi’s homework backfires; Gangana Ranawaka, ‘Is she the only one here ..’

In the task, the lock-up contestants were asked to try their best to burn as many calories as they could, and were given a fitness band to record their progress. Munawar was the one who stole his comedy workout rule when he saw members of the Lock Up who regularly go to the gym running in various exercises to win the challenge.

A new promo for the show, shared on Alt Balaji’s Instagram account on Tuesday, shows the wardrobe crashing while Munawar tries to finish the job. As he leaned against the table and performed squats, his trousers tore from behind, which caught on camera. Then Munawar was surrounded by Sivam Sharma and Zeeshan Khan when he tried to change his trousers. Shivam mentions how the camera focuses on them, and Munawar jokes to catch him even closer, while Poonam Pandey smiles.

The doctor who changed into black trousers was embarrassed and then said to the camera, “Camera ke picche agar tumlak has rahe ho na, du tek leena (if I know you are smiling behind the camera I will see)”. The video also shows Shivam and Anjali Arora assisting Munawar in the task. When he paused his workout, Anjali yelled for him to stop, to which he replied, “Shilla Made, Shilla Made. My Dar Jaunga (Do not shout, I will be scared).”

In the video, fans commented on the smiling emojis, along with the fire emojis, with the caption “Munawar Super”. Another wrote, “John (life) of the Munawar show.” A third commented, “Aap b na public ko hasane ke leye kahi se b jugat kar lete ho (find some way to make the public laugh).”

In a video shared via a fan account, Munawar goes on to win the final round of the mission against his rival team captain Payal Rohatki despite his humor. He performed a fun version of squats in the video and said “how is that possible”.

Lock-up streams on Alt Balaji and MX Player are seven days and Kangana Ranaut’s Judgment Day episodes are streaming on weekends at 10.30pm. Munawar, who spent a month in Indore jail last year on charges of insulting religious sentiments on one of his stand-up shows, entered the captivity reality show on charges of “joking wrong”.

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