Lock Up: Munawar Farooqi broke up, Karan Kundra won the hearts of fans with his speech for him | Internet series

Munawar Farooqi was comforted by Karan Kundra as he was broken in the latest episode of Lock Up. The comedian, who spent a month in jail in Indore last year on charges of insulting religious sentiments on one of his stand-up shows, has entered the captivity reality show on charges of “comedy has gone wrong”. Munawar, who has garnered a lot of fans for his performance in the game, was recently emotional as he wanted to talk to his parents. Read also | Praising Munawar Farooqi’s performance, Kangana Ranaut warned that ‘there is a limit to tactics’.

A new ad for the show, which was shared on Alt Balaji’s Instagram account on Friday, showed jailer Karan Kundra entering the jail after seeing Munawar broken down. Karan hugged Munawar who was in tears and said consolation. He said to the comedian, “Jab tu hasta hai na, do puri kantri hasti hai. Aaj tu ro raha hai na, Puri country aur my be ro roha ho (when you laugh, the whole country laughs with you. Today you cry, and I the whole country We are crying with you. You are a lover. “

Karan added, “Jinge kal ke liye du wait kar raha hai na (whose calls are you waiting for), they see you, they are with you 24 hours a day. Are with you, and the prayers of the whole nation are with you). “

Karan received a lot of praise from his fans for his gesture, many of whom dropped the red heart emoji in the comment section of the post. Someone wrote about Karan, “I really liked your pep talk with Payal. You’re wholehearted.” Another wrote, “He is a great soul.”

Social media users have said that they want someone to comfort Karan when he faces a difficult phase at the Bigg Boss house. One wrote, “I wish someone had been with him that day.” Another commented, “Why Karan did not get all this. He also deserves this comfort, this encouragement. We love you so much Karan”.

Lock-up streams on Alt Balaji and MX Player are seven days and Kangana Ranaut’s Judgment Day episodes are streaming on weekends at 10.30pm. The show features contestants Payal Rohatki, Nisha Rawal, Poonam Pandey, Karanveer Bohra and Sara Khan.

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