Lock up: Mandana Karimi reveals that her mother has not spoken to her for six years, which is the reason Internet series

Mandana Karimi has said that her mother has not spoken to her for six years and now everything is fine. He recently spoke on his debut reality show Lock Up. Mandana said her mother is fine at her job now and things are fine with her family. Kangana Ranaut is the host of the reality show Lock Up. (Also Read: Lock Up: Saiyasha Shinde ‘Tagged With Karanveer Bohra’ Says DJ Sidhu)

As soon as Payal fights Rohatki in the lock up, Mandana throws some bad words at her in Persian and Sivam Sharma intervenes to hear its meaning. Mandana did not reveal its meaning, but began to list with practice all the problems she had. She said, “I told her the details of what happened. My mother told me she hadn’t spoken to me in six years. Now she’s fine. Everything is fine with my family. She’s not here, but now she’s fine. The work I do.”

Mandana added, “I was rejected by my own father and mother’s families. She (Payal) was such a person that she told me ‘you are behind your own mother’.” Mandana began to cry.

In the Tuesday episode, Mandana also got into an ugly fight with Asma Falla. Asma threw water on her who was sleeping and in return she took all the items of Asma and threw them. They also threatened to destroy one’s make-up box, but Saiyasha Shinde prevented them from doing so.

Zeeshan Khan and Payal Rohatki are engaged in another ugly fight in Tuesday’s episode. Zeeshan called her a “pimpo” and branded her a “planet waster”.

Earlier, Mandana spoke openly about her past marriage. Four years after their separation, she revealed that before they finally got divorced, her ex-husband slept with everyone she knew.

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