Lock-up: Kangana Ranaut scolds Karanveer Bohra for inciting Chetan Hansraj, ‘he almost beat a doctor’ | Internet series

Lock-up presenter Gangana Ranawaka has slandered contestant Karanveer Bohra for inciting fellow contestant Chetan Hansraj, who has now been expelled from the show. Kangana Ranaut pointed out to Karanveer that he was almost going to raise his hands to a doctor as Chetan’s play had gotten so bad. Read also | Lock up: Chetan Hansraj expelled within five days for misbehaving with jailor; Audiences, ‘Do not confuse with Karan Kundra’

Chetan Hansraj was expelled from the show on Saturday, five days after he entered jailor Karan Kundra for misbehaving. A clip shared about his exit on Alt Balaji’s Instagram account showed the actor with a medical expert wearing a BPE kit in a closed room. In the new promo of the Judgment Day episode, you can see Kangana Ranaut, Chetan and other contestants talking about the way they treated the leading staff.

Kangana asked Karanveer, “Karan apko bada hai, ki apke aak lagane se, chetan ne kidne pade trame kie aur wo is hut tak bahoch kaya da ki do doctors be almost hot utane wala da, Dr. Jo ki rors hamare so much by your inspiration Sethan Did you know that he created the play?

In response, Karanveer insisted that it was not his intention to provoke Chetan. He clarified, “I said something joking in the heat of the moment and I am so sorry for that.” I am not someone who sees people as unequal. I was wrong “Kangana told him and the other contestants,” You all came together against the producers of this show, the same show has given you a platform and opportunity. Karan you too say this is your last chance. So are you going to bite the hand that feeds you? “

Karanveer said he and other contestants were frustrated by the lack of rations and then Kangana questioned why the doctors had misbehaved with him. He pointed out that the doctors had nothing to do with the show and only went there because the contestants demanded an examination.

And, “You threatened him, you called him by name. Your friend Chetan is going to raise his hand against him.” Karanveer apologized again for his comment, but insisted that Chetan was his own person and that he and other rivals had tried to silence him. However, Gangana did not believe him and told Karanveer that he was the most responsible person to provoke the other prisoners.

Lock-up streams on Alt Balaji and MX Player are seven days and Kangana Ranaut’s Judgment Day episodes are streaming on weekends at 10.30pm. So far five contestants have been eliminated.

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