Lock Up Day 33 Written Updates: Karan Kundra, who slandered Mandana Karimi for using ‘female card’, shouts ‘Don’t teach me’ | Internet series

He was very angry to see Mandana Karimi walking out with jailor Karan Kundra on Friday episode of Lock Up. Mandana then returned to prison. As soon as the week-long mission was over, Karan Kundra and Mandana got into an argument claiming that they had encountered violence during the task and had been pushed. (Also read: Kangana pulls out of Karan Johar as lock-up reaches 200m views)

Mandana starts to say, “If this is a show about violence ….” Karan interrupts and says that she did something wrong and that no one deliberately pushed her and tried to distract her from being where she thought she was. Both.

“Even in real life, I can not always tell you that you should be in your position if you start to walk in the middle of the road (you express injury and trauma). I told everyone about their conditions. Enough.” Mandana said she was pushed and reminded that one way to avoid it was to stay in her position on stage.

Karan got angry and shouted, “Don’t teach me how to do my job. What are you saying? Be on your mark, I asked you.” She said a girl was pushed, Karan said, “Oh, do not pull the girl card with me. Do not play the girl card here. Mandana Karimi, do not play the girl card here. You are breaking a rule, stop them (guards) and now you can not say anything, you are playing the girl card . “

Karan told her that Mandana did not want to be in the lock up and left. “You do not want to continue on the show? Please leave,” she said. “Sure.”

When the contestants returned to jail, Mandana was not with them, but Zeeshan Khan and Nisha Rawal found her in the bathroom. Mandana then told her fellow contestants that she was hot at the time no matter what happened and would not leave the show for that. “I’m waiting for the Queen to talk about it,” she said.

Asma Falla questioned how Mandana could return and later accused her of begging Karan or the production department to apologize. He said Mandana has a “donkey-like face” and is a failed actress. He also said that Mandana should be kicked out of the show.

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