Lock Up Day 32: Mandana Karimi shares that she was once arrested in Iran, ‘created to see friends receiving 85 lashes’ | Internet series

Mandana Karimi is open about the time of her arrest during a visit to Iran, and even made her friends watch the punishment. She was not convicted because she was injured and underwent surgery. Kangana Ranaut’s reality show Lock Up speaks to Mandana Payal Rohatki. (Also read: Boyle Rohatki backs Will Smith over Oscar drama, asks about Munawar)

When Mandana and Payal were sitting together, “I went back to Iran for my friend’s sister’s wedding, so I missed the wedding, and then we all had to go to Shomal, which is the nearest place to Tehran … you know. Location) So, we went there, in the villa, they had a bike, I really like riding the bike, so I was playing around with the bike, and while riding it, I had an accident on a turn. “

He added, “My knee was badly injured and completely broken. I had to put them all together. I was going to have an operation. I could hear my friends talking and the whole time I was waiting for them to come. Outside the Operation Theater, someone was watching us, ‘Yeh Lock. Ka Kuch Nasha Hai (they seem to be intoxicated) ‘, we were changing clothes when we noticed a kick in the door and a female police officer – completely covered – came with a man and asked us’ F *** out’ I said ‘Dude, what happened?’ Also, the one who arrested us was one of the comrades who went to war.

Mandana then revealed the punishment given to them by the police. “He wanted to teach us a lesson, that guy made me watch my friends being whipped. All my friends got 85 lashes and I (because I was injured) they made me watch it because they could not hit me. He told me I could. Injury alone cannot escape. My friends That’s my prison experience. That’s why I do not want to be in a country that treats citizens like that. ”

Mandana is an Iranian. He has been in India for some time, but his family – mother, two brothers and a close friend – are at home in Iran.

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