Lock Up Day 30 Written Updates: Poonam Pandey Cries, Asma Falla And Zeeshan Khan Call Each Other ‘Piece Of Sh **’ | Internet series

In Tuesday’s episode of Lock Up, Poonam Pandey was seen crying over her health, lamenting that she could not do some work related to exercise. Zeeshan Khan and Asma Falla had an argument which ended in the two of them calling each other ‘sh **’. Kangana Ranaut is the host of the reality show Lock Up. (read more: Munawar Farooqi says Katrina Kaif is heartbroken, fans’ You got me)

When the guards asked each team to burn calories and score a goal, Vinith Kakar and Ali Merchant began the mission. The other lock-up contestants also joined after a while. However, Payal Rohatki saw Poonam Pandey crying in the bathroom area. Payal told her to rest a bit, but Poonam told her, “Why is this happening to me. I hate myself (I have this health problem). I’m an athlete, I can not do that!”

Later, Zeeshan wanted to sleep, but Asma wanted to chat with Nisha Rawal in the bed area. Asma did not listen to him when he asked her to leave the bedroom, so that everyone could talk, Zeeshan took the pillow and blanket and slept outside the barracks. Soon, he realized that it was against the rules and returned.

To harass Asma constantly, Zeeshan went and slept on the floor, near the door. Asma said, “Please come back Zeeshan, we will talk slowly, you will not bother.” But Zeeshan never wanted to hear what she had to say. Then Asma said to Nisha, “I think he does not know yet, I want to make it clear to him in my style.”

Then Zeeshan slept in the corridor. “What does he think of himself. Should we keep him in our head just because he played for the team?” Asma asked Nisha. When Munawar and Anjali asked Asma to stop annoying Zeeshan, Asma said, “I know he has a task or what to do. What should I do? I can not sleep.”

Zeeshan asked Anjali to stop his play, but he said he was the one who abused himself. “She’s been talking nonsense since morning. Pay ******,” he said as she said. Zeeshan denied the allegations and Nisha also said that he did not say any wrong words. Zeeshan called her “piece sh **” and she replied, “You may be sh ** piece. That’s how you are. Is to my bath me fire black (I will teach him a lesson later).”

Former Big Boss OTT contestant Zeeshan recently joined the show, and Asma is a new entry on the show.

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