Lock Up Day 28 Updates Written By: Ali Merchant, Sarah Con Out For Kangana Ranaut Schools ‘Listening’ To Mandana Karimi | Internet series

In Sunday’s episode of Lock Up, Sarah Khan was ejected from the show, while two new wild card rivals made their entry. On the show, Mandana Karimi also claimed that Ali Merchant had masturbated in the bathroom area, but host Kangana Ranaut stopped being ashamed of herself and asked her to accept masturbation as a normal act. (Also Read: Lock Up: Sangram Payal Supports Rohatki, Says ‘Payal v / s Sheep’)

In the new lock-up episode, Kangana asks the housemates to name a person as prison kasra (garbage), Payal Rohatki as Karanveer Bohra and Anjali Arora, Karanveer and Mandana as Ali. Mandana added, “After work, I was very disappointed because he took someone else to come home. I told him to come up with a game plan of his own. And, he laid his hands on me. Things without asking me last night. When I asked him, He simply said, “I’m sorry.” Gangana admitted that this was a violation of privacy.

According to his method, Ali named Mandana as Khasra because he did not like the way he valued him. Then Mandana said she did something in the bathroom. “That act makes him the real culprit of prison.” Gangana did not want to ask Kangana to talk to Mandana about the incident, she said, “Saisha Shinde knows that whatever happens in the bathroom is by Ali. It’s so disgusting. It’s bigger than the concert. When you do. Can not). It speaks of him. “

Then Mandana added, “Another day, I went to the toilet and I had to go to the toilet after Saisha. After she came out, she was upset all day. When she went inside, Ali was there, someone had masturbated and it was there. . ” Ali said, “Shut up, this is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard.”

Kangana says, “For me, any kind of body fluid is human. If you encounter someone else’s body fluid, you should ask them to clean it up. But you can not say that it hurt you. Many competitors share space, frankly. Saying things like this is kind of like saying. Masturbation is something that people openly discuss, and it’s scientifically proven that it’s good for health. Please stop being shy. Masturbation is good for health, but no one should give up body fluids. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Mandana apologized and said, “Sorry. I don’t know why I say anything, it just makes you feel ashamed.

After Payal saved himself from elimination by talking about the tantric, charming puja time to improve his life, Sarah Khan was kicked out of the show and Shivam Sharma cried a lot after he left. Sarah is the third contestant to leave the show this weekend. Chetan Hansraj and Saiyasha Shinde were ejected from the show on Saturday due to their behavior.

After Sarah left, Zeeshan Khan and Vinith Kakar entered the show as wild card rivals. Zeeshan has previously appeared in Bigg Boss OTT, while Vinith Jitty has worked in TV shows like Dil Mane Na and Radha Krishnan.

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