Lock up: Chetan Hansraj expelled within five days for misbehaving with jailor; ‘Don’t mess with Karan Kundra’ says viewers online series

Actor Chetan Hansraj was kicked out of the lock-up within five days of entering the captive reality show. Chetan was jailed by the producers for misbehaving with jailer Karan Kundra instead of being indicted by his fellow contestants or voted in by the audience during the elimination rounds. Read also | Lock Up: Chetan Hansraj to enter the show; He was imprisoned for being a ‘villain of choice’

Alt Balaji’s Instagram account showed Chetan violating prison rules in an ad for the show, which was shared Saturday. The post announcing Chetan’s expulsion said, “Mild behavior Go surf fired Milda Hai Yahan!

The video began with Anjali Arora telling contestants to get ready to do unnecessary acts after the indictment. Chetan gets up and begins to disrupt the rules written on the blackboard, amid warnings from fellow contestants, “Do not remove!” You may hear Karanveer Bohra say, “Chetan don’t do this”.

However, Chetan erases part of the word jailer from the background to make it read as tailor. Later, he read the new sentence “Rules Badalna Tailor Ki Marji Hai (Tailor can change the rules to his liking)”. When Karanveer Bohra tells Chetan that he is a fan of the jailer and soon asks why he is behaving like this, Chetan says, “I did not tell them about their rules. I will not follow any rules. What can they do? Do?”

In another promo shared on Instagram account, Karan Kundra shows that Chetna has been kicked out of the show. “I do not know how I would have reacted if there was someone younger than me in your place. I did not lose my weed just because you are my senior. *** Here it is. You have a minute to say goodbye. “

Viewers of the show expressed support for Karan in the comments section, with a caption, “Don’t mess with the jailer car.” Another commented, “I am proud to think of Karan Kundra.” A third wrote, “They may now understand that there is a certain cow that you can not cross without even trying to insult the jailer KK.”

Chetan was introduced as a prisoner in the lock-up on Sunday, March 20th. He was accused of being a “villain of choice”. With his exit, he became the fifth contestant to be expelled after Swami Chakrabarty Maharaj, Tehseen Poonawalla, Siddharth Sharma and Babita Bogat. Compared to the others, Chetan had a very short time in Lock Up and he was not even a part of the Doomsday Day episodes of presenter Kangana Ranaut.

Lock-up streams on Alt Balaji and MX Player are seven days and Kangana Ranaut’s Judgment Day episodes are streaming on weekends at 10.30pm. The show recently introduced Mandana Karimi as its 16th competitor and Asma Falla as its wild card entry.

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